Yo-kai Watch 3: Blasters T – PYRAMID OF CLU All Dungeons & Bosses!

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45 Responses

  1. E7hanG07 says:

    How do you get your t level higher ?

  2. Ekko,legendMLG ? says:

    How do I find that space dungeon theme

  3. Brittany Wilson says:


  4. awesome gamer tv says:

    Adventure swirls

  5. Rose Jin says:

    Honzinall dungeon.I loved the music

  6. Rose Jin says:

    Abdullah,you did not just say double trouble

  7. Rose Jin says:

    1:30:55 Those kids must have been scared out of their wits

  8. Destroy ER says:

    Do the Enma Palast

  9. Jocy Aguilera says:

    I think when that person said bozo the clown they meant John wayn gacy

  10. Omega ruby Mage says:


  11. Alexandru Rotaru says:


  12. rasaq olowoeshin says:

    ive got to ask wicth intro do you like best for yokia watch 3 english or japenese

  13. rasaq olowoeshin says:

    how do you get all those enma forms

  14. Caleb Cornelius says:

    Yo kai watch 2

  15. Caleb Cornelius says:

    Abdallah I got mega spoilers in gate of whimsy. I went in and the camera shot changed to a far shot of all the doors and seen two farmiler white hands ; )

  16. Jayden Torres says:

    Abdallah, the treasure yo-kai are special yo-kai. MAKE SURE that you befriend ALL EIGHT in BLASTERS 2. If you do (only in Blasters 2 though because you need the main eight) you will unlock the ultimate treasure yo-kai Yo-Derusen.

    Here are the known names for the main 8: Kurekurepatra/Meopatra, Yamato-Bokeru/Fitwit, El-Doragon/El-Dorago, Narcis II, Zappadokia, Madamoaizelle, Rosetta Stone, Doescalibur, and the king of the treasure yo-kai Yo-Derusen.

  17. TheAbyssHealer says:

    Anyone have a Walkappa for trade??? I'm on White Dog Squad

  18. Jayden Torres says:

    2:34:44 Greetings Earthling!

  19. Brodie Gwinner says:

    does the hinix count for hinozall awoken?

  20. Jayden Torres says:

    Abdallah! You were on Bozo! You know, my grandmother said she was on another clown show called Hocus Pocus.

  21. Chariyan 439 says:

    Abdallah will you still do ykw3 after it comes out

  22. Jayden Torres says:

    Hey Abdallah, when are you going to start making postgame episodes?

  23. Jayden Torres says:

    Qotd: The Goldfather because he is a golden dragon.

  24. Ivey Muniz says:

    So sorrie I'm soooooooooo sorrie

  25. Caleb Cornelius says:

    After saying I willing to trade my 2 sighborg y I got a nother one

  26. Caleb Cornelius says:

    Abdallah do you have sighborg Y because I’ve got two so I’m willing to trade 1 to you also in chapter 9 i got master Nyada and I started the quest in chapter 3

  27. Princess Peach Is Awesome Blossom says:

    I heated all the bosses before the final one and the final one did not show up, is there an amount of spirits we need to have to get to it?

  28. Logan Harroun says:

    Treasure swirls! Treasure swirls! Treasure swirls!

  29. Logan Harroun says:

    I believe komasan t says "treasure swirls!"

  30. gonzalo08 oceania says:

    My primer video blasters t nice to meet you

  31. PeriwinkleRanger says:

    This game seems pretty fun

  32. Dark Moonking says:

    Get it toopers blasters t

  33. Shaded Vibez says:

    That monster is crazy

  34. Adri says:

    Anyone knows if any yokai drops the item to go for awoken hinozall? Ive read that impass drops it but i cant find him

  35. Crow il tizio del treno says:

    Anyway, shutendoji best classic yokai

  36. Keenan Lim says:

    Deadcool sounds like Ryan renolds for some reason

  37. Sakura Drop xox says:

    ~Sees a lose dandoodle~ EGOR!

  38. Keenan Lim says:

    QOTD:the latest nyamurai

  39. Soulreaper 91 says:

    Qotd the goldfather because he looks amazing

  40. [LSF] Chaz says:

    Are you gonna be doing the side quests in this game? There was ONE that I would really like to see in English.

  41. philip carlow says:

    Last question I promise but will you be doing the Springdale sports club boss rushes and mission battles this game

  42. philip carlow says:

    Abdallah will you be doing a fusion guide for this game

  43. philip carlow says:

    Abdallah will you be doing the boss battles in terro time against the oni in this game

  44. dylan gotoy says:

    My favorite boss was thurston bc of his design

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