Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

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  1. Military History Visualized says:

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  2. Grand Moff Tarkin says:

    Just spam destroyers.

  3. Julio Sunga says:

    goddamn spammer, this game is broken as fuck!


  4. nero wulfee92 says:

    – Sir! It appears that one of our destroyer`s crew got drunk and rammed their ship into rocks.
    – No problem, just give them another destroyer.

  5. ToughAncientSpark says:

    @1:30 What did he say? "Naval strategy is…?"

  6. 295Phoenix says:

    Moar light cruisers, plz.

  7. Raflancer says:

    Many of those Escort carrier's went to the Brits and the heavy destroyer production also likely allowed the Americans to lend lease their old stuff to the Brits.

  8. DeeZanic says:

    Awesome great video and cute graphics I like. Reminds me of the game War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition. As again I believe the war was over for the axis the moment they chose to go to war. Japan lost it on december 7th 1941.

  9. adolfhilter says:

    it's all about production capacities. It took japan 30 years to build up its navy, then spent it all in 3 years of fighting in the pacific.

  10. forgetfulfunctor1 says:

    1:30 I'm terribly sry to comment on the accent but I cant understand here, can anyone help. "Naval strategy is ¿¿?? strategy" thanks and respect

  11. Dabacon BossBro says:

    If a couple of factors had gone differently (Declaration of war arrives on time, the Pearl Harbor attack succeeds in immobilizing and sinking the US fleet, Midway is a Japanese victory/Coral Sea doesnt result in the catastrophic Japanese losses) I think they could have “won” the limited war they had been pursuing.

  12. hancho_1 says:

    That video speed animation at the beginning was SUPER slick. Well done.

  13. palious13 says:

    I love your videos. You do awesome work.

  14. Kan Jonathan says:

    Using "Anchors Aweigh" and "Gunkan March" as BGM are more apt.

  15. dertechie says:

    It's kind of amusing watching the IJN realize that Destroyer Escorts might be necessary to protect their supply lines and the build numbers start to creep up on and almost overtake total American sub production. . . every time they get close the Americans just churn out more subs and the war ends with them never quite reaching a number of DEs equal to American SS's.

  16. Tom Burchill says:

    Thanks to the millions of men and women of the greatest generation. This is just another example why their generation was referred to as such!

  17. Endrank luvs da 4 loco says:

    You mess with the bull, you get the horns!

  18. Big Daddy Boom Boom says:

    The US could have basically attacked the Japanese fleet with their destroyers only in a single massive zerg rush and they still would have won.

  19. Big Daddy Boom Boom says:

    I feel like the US player devoted almost all of his dockyards to destroyer production but left it that way for the entire war and forgot about them.

    "Holy shit where'd all these destroyers come from"

  20. Steve Hansen says:

    It is one thing to build ship but the second equation is manning them with competent crews something that the US was miraculously able do. While the German submarine fleet was unable to stop the Allied Atlantic convoys. In the Pacific however, the US submarine fleet decimated the Japanese merchant/cargo fleet. Other than importing, Japan has almost no other source of petroleum based fuels. Like the Germans they did make a synthetic gasoline but production was nowhere near enough to fuel their fleet. So, the based their surface combatants in Indonesia. When they came out for the Battle of the Philippine Sea most were sunk and for all practical purposes the Japanese Imperial Navy ceased to exist. By the end of the war US battle ships were bombarding Japanese coastal cities with virtual impunity.

  21. Phil Ad says:

    Japan thought America was as weak as Russia. They did not think it through.

  22. Jarod Farrant says:

    It was once that said the invading North America would be harder then invading the moon, but I think the moon would be easier because when your invading the moon no one is shooting at you.

  23. Pablo668 says:

    While all this was going on the US also had to find the materials and industrial capacity to produce masses of different landing ships for both the Pacific and European theater, particularly since Stalin had been pressuring for a second front in Europe since….1943 I think?
    The industrial Effort of the US during WWII is in itself an amazing story.
    Great vid btw.

  24. Stephen Lode says:

    Loved the music! Great video.

  25. fireson23 says:

    Yes Japan did have a chance. If they had listen to the Germans and had opened a second front on the Soviet Union in the East instead of attacking the US in Pearl Harbor when Stalingrad, Leningrad and Moscow were on the Eve of collapse to German forces in the West. Then the Soviet Union would have collapsed, gotten out of the war and the Allies would have been finished. Then both Japan and Germany would have been able to use the vast endless resources of the Soviet Union like wheat, zinc, oil, iron ore, tin, magnesium, aluminum and many many more minerals to build up their armed forces like no one has ever seen before. Then it would have been Japan who would have been able to build a naval force with over 100 aircraft carriers. Germany would have been able to secure the oil fields of the caucus, send it's Panzers into fhe middle East to cut off Britain's greatest source of oil. Germany would also be able to secure it's food supply by consolidating it's the black soil of the Ukraine. The truth is the Ally performance in Europe was abysmal. It took the US, the UK and their allies 7 months to conquer the same territory from 1944 to 1945 that the Germans conquered in 6 weeks in 1940. And please keep in mind that the Allies had over 250 Soviet divisions hammering the Germans in the East and had complete air superiority over Germany. Furthermore, the Allies had the benefit of fighting with the support of the French, Dutch and Belgian local population and outnumbered the Germans also in tanks and men. If Japan had attacked the Soviet Union the Soviets would have never been able to send those elite Siberian divisions to liberate Stalingrad, Leningrad and Moscow and push the Germans back as they laid nearly 30 km from Moscow. These elite divisions we're the ones who began to push the Germans from 30 km from Moscow all the way back to Berlin, even though a lot of things happened in between. If the Siberian divisions had not gone West to fight off the German army the Soviet Union would have collapsed. All the Japanese had to do was to attack them in order to prevent them from going west. Stalin only agreed to move them West after his spy in Tokyo confirmed fo him that Japan had no interest in attacking the Soviet Union and wanted to attack the US at Pearl harbor. This was the greatest mistake from the Axis throughout the whole war. This was what lost them the war.

  26. Sean Bryan says:

    Beyond just the raw numbers of ships it was also a matter of US technological superiority. For example, in the Battle off Samar in October 1944 the destroyer escort Samuel B. Roberts with two 5" guns beat the crap out of the Japanese heavy cruiser Chikuma which had eight 20 cm guns and eight 5" guns, because the US ship had radar controlled guns and the Japanese ship did not. The Japanese held their own in the war until about early 1943 and then after that they were really just trying not to lose as badly.

  27. Chris Wolcott says:


  28. Toby-wan says:

    Great! Now do a video explaining why Vietnam had NO chance in the Vietnam war.
    Oh wait…
    The Germans wrote the book on warfare but you have thrown it out the window in exchange for simple bean counting.

  29. fastcx says:

    No matter which bgm you plays, in my head it's just Hell March, and "Buil, buil, buil, building, buil, buil, building, construction complete, construction complete, construction complete, construction complete" every second. US had OP shipyard, and no cap limit XD

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