Truths, Lies, Distortions Historical Citizenship Rights In Malaysia. Not Generosity By Anyone!

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10 Responses

  1. Jimmy Lee says:

    That's why Matt, Sejarah Tanah Melayu shld be the no.1 must pass subject in our schools and not B.M.

  2. leong sam says:

    Anyone think this should be included in school under history of malaya/malaysia?

  3. Steven Low says:

    Well said all this while the people have been taken for a ride by political intitution benifitting themselves.who can do n educated the people on this laws.that everbody know their rights as citizen of malaya.

  4. L Kc says:

    In my opinion Matthias is a TRUE PATRIOT not those who chant and chant empty devious distortions.

  5. Dave Kong says:

    Bravo !!!! Matt, the MOE needs you. Wake up call to all Malaysians. Snakes head can dance, only you can put it straight.

  6. e woon says:

    Keep up the good work, Matthias.

  7. L Kc says:

    what exactly does special rights mean ? rights to what ? rights to do what ? rights to have what ? can somebody define special rights.

  8. Bunny Bun says:

    Believe or not ? Matt knows what he is talking, Respect you, Great !

  9. bink bee says:

    Dear Matt ..hopefully you kindly provide Malay Translation below your videos for people who dont understand English for good knowledge.

  10. bink bee says:

    Believe it or not Im waiting for this..

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