The Untold History – How Islam Spread

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  1. { Islamic World } { العالم الإسلامي } says:

    Best Channel ever on YouTube

  2. Benson Baby says:

    Islam spreads by war and hatred Christianity spreads by love and prayers

  3. Benson Baby says:

    prophet Muhammad kills people Jesus Christ heals people

  4. Victor Hugo says:

    What this guy "forgot" to tell is that the "messengers" of Islam didn't spread their religion with their nice words and deeds, but with the sword and war.
    Shortly after the dead of Mohammad, Arabs started to raid border towns in neighboring Roman and Sassanian Empires, who responded going into war against the Arabs.
    For a number of reasons, both the Sassanid and Byzantine Empires were weak at the moment and this allowed the Arabs to conquer the whole of Persians, the Middle East and North Africa.
    But that wasn't enough, so then Arabs invaded Spain and Central Asia (and reached the gates of China) without any provocation.
    And still Arabs insist in the lie of saying the first messengers of Allah were a group of wise, elderly men who only wanted to share their peace and knowledge.

  5. Lara Star says:

    Amazing..islam is the fastest growing religion around the earth.

  6. 1000H says:

    Muammed peace been upon him? No. May the beast may roten in hell.

  7. Aryan Aquila says:

    "And Allah will give sovereignity to whoever he wills, and until a certain time, he lift that sovereignity to someone else." And truly Allah will return the reign of Islam when the world needs it the most. That time will come and then finally, we muslims will be gone for good. Returning to our Creator, the Rabbul A'lamiin. Leaving the world with only unbelievers left, before its destruction commences shortly after.

  8. WALLOO WALEED says:

    Awesome thanks

  9. jonny malayil says:

    Quran is full of errors and scientific wrong Sun settings in pool of muddy water and semen is produced between ribs and backbone false. Historically wrong Mariam called sister of Aaron who lived thousand of years before Mariam . Leave Islam and surrender your life to the Lord Jesus who is the Savoir of mankind

  10. jonny malayil says:

    Islam is a false religion since it denies the death and resurrection Lord Jesus and and His God hood. Bible rejects all other prophets who come after wards and also and also rejected Koran as false and misleading. Lord Jesus will destroy Islam and all Muslims if they don't repent and believe in Jesus Christ as Son of God

  11. wayofthegun says:

    No proof Islam was in the west native American tribes practice Islam ..

  12. Raktim Kalita says:

    What a joke! People believe this shallow philosophical crap?

    There is no depth, no meaning in this

  13. Jan Davalos says:

    If Islam teaching is good and a religion of peace, why Islamic conquerors has to use violence and sword to spread it teachings?

  14. entire pretty says:


  15. Burak Yildiz says:

    In the beginning is a false information: The Quran is not the scripture of the muslims! The Quran is the scripture for the whole humandkind!!!

  16. Mohamed Naiem says:

    Islam is spread by force against those who thought the force was the only power like roman empire or Persian empire and spread by knowledge and peace and equality for man and women and real world system of peace for those who seek equality and faith ! got it ?

  17. Ruby Tuesday says:

    It spread so rapidly because if you didn't convert to Islam you are killed.

  18. Lule Ahmad says:

    All these people dissing Islam and Muslims… They keep asking for proof when someone says smth about the bible but they act like they know everything about the Qur'an without any proof… Of you don't like what we have to say about Islam don't watch our vids… This isn't for you its for us… We don't go on your Christian vids and start dissing your religion… These vids are to educate us not u

  19. Adam Hamada says:

    What is the background nasheed/music? I have been looking for it everywhere, especially in the Al Andalus video.

  20. Hydra says:

    Mashaallah great content, i always listen to your videos while i am working

  21. The Church,The Way not Religions! says:

    Why they worshiped him as Nimrod ? is Allah 4300 before Muhammad was born is this talk of fact historical archaeological fact the Sumerian clay tablets also prove it that's why nobody knows nimrod in Iraq or anywhere else around there that hide that the edomites very good at hiding history

  22. Fear The Milkman says:

    this is pretty epic

  23. Daniel Sanchez says:

    Por sus hobras los conoceréis……

  24. Nancy Ruth says:

    Im a Muslim woman Insha Allah im happy that I am

  25. Chingez Khan says:

    due to this muslims were super power for almost 1000 years when europe was poor, ignorant n ugly.

  26. Aspirasi Muslim says:

    may i repost your video with indonesian language?

  27. Harshit Madan says:

    Objectivism is superior to all religions and philosophies.

  28. Mohammed Almubarak says:

    Very informative, gazac Allah khair

  29. El Mino says:

    By the way… are there any sources for those information?

  30. El Mino says:

    Salam, can someone send me the characters/ pinyin of "shang tee"? I am currently learning chinese so it would be interesting for me to know more about that.

  31. Betty Pak says:

    That's right. There is only One God, and He is Jesus. The only reason Islam spreads all over the world is because it was invented by Catholic Jesuits to get control of Jerusalem, and Islam kills everyone who opposes it.

  32. Azdin Sixtoe says:

    Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death Allah is the greatest only

  33. We don’t know Our name says:

    Magnificent video MashAllah

  34. Samuel Marshall says:

    Islam – a derivative work and biggest cancer on humankind today.

  35. Hou'eiki Akoteu says:

    So many ignorant miserable people on this comment section who cant just live their own life but go on youtube and search up stuff they dont like or hate and tell everyone about it like a miserable dog. Im not muslim but the hate towards the muslims is just really sad. Some people really need to get a life


    Kill them wherever you find them. Behead all non believers. This is the real Islam, based on the satanic revelations of Muhammad. Muhammad was a sick sadistic bastard. A nation of unintellectual goat and camel herders forced under the threat of death to spread the word of this barbaric moron. Anyone who spoke out against him were permanently silenced. A blasphemous and evil culture of mindless medieval morons whose only goal in life is to infest and force upon the western civilisations its hideous sick culture. The practice of Taqiyya is inbred, which is the art of lying. Lying to protect what ? your religion ? …… They know the truth about the life of Muhammad but they protect his sordid and perverted life. The dome of the rock is the Islamic abomination, muhammad supposedly and falsely rose up to heaven………..It’s outer facia covered in blasphemy.
    Islam is an evil cult that denies Jesus Christ is the son of God. All Muslims unless they accept Jesus as the son of God will burn in hell alongside Muhammad

  37. priyatosh saxena says:

    End of Islam has started

  38. Ibrahim says:

    يااااااااااا الله . هذي هي عظمة الاسلام والمسلمين
    هنا لؤلؤ دمرتني

  39. Van Starr says:

    This video is bullshit….Islam did not spread peacefully…you forgot to talk about all the killing and how Muhammed himself was a Warlord

  40. Mo Ali says:

    Subha Allah , the history we learn in school in England about king Henry is nothing compared to this….the religion of Islam

  41. elisa arcelo says:

    Assalamo alaikom, I am Elisa and I reverted to Islam 5 years ago Alhamdulillah!

    Just I want to give a few advice to some people hate Islam.
    Please if you want to know Islam , Fucos the Teaching of Islam Religion as what I did . Don't fucos of what muslims do because muslim is a person who follow the Religion of Islam…and sometimes they will disobey the instructions from the Qur'an.

    But The Religion Islam has a proper guidance to all human being, teaching us on how we live in this world and what we can do here in this world for us that we can bring in the hereafter if we will die.

  42. عِيشْ الإِسْلاَمْ says:

    Al hamdulilah

  43. Loner's Guide says:

    Complete bullshit

  44. pinwheelgrl says:

    I agree with this vid. Islam can be very beautiful if shared in peace.

  45. jothegreek says:

    The difference between islam and christianity is that islam took a form that it has which still is unclear or barbaric 150 years after Mohammend while Christianity was shaped in the first 30 years after christ

  46. Cricket All Time XIs says:

    Its a selective collection of myths and philosophies. However, far from 'Monotheism', most of beliefs mentioned above are clearly forms of 'Monism' – the belief that all universe is made from one matter or stuff. Quran does not mention Americas at all and was not aware of it. Quran does not mention any one prophet outside Middle East. However, believers need such doses of propaganda to feel good.

    (CAUTION: Don't be surprised by abuses and death threats in replies instead of rational discussion)

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