The Story of Punch-Out!! | Gaming Historian

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  1. Gaming Historian says:

    Back in the spring, Patreon supporters got to vote on an episode topic, and Punch-Out won! I've been working on this episode on and off since about May. After the Spyro video, I decided to buckle down and finish it. This was a blast to make. I got to interview current and former Nintendo employees who worked on the game, I tried some new camera shots / lighting, and of course, I got to play all the Punch-Out games again!

    I apologize for the long wait, but I hope you enjoy the video. Punch-Out may not be the most popular franchise in Nintendo's vault, but it is definitely an important one. If you learned something, please consider sharing the video. Thanks for watching!

  2. MultiTomtom23 says:

    i love clints voice =)

  3. Code Red Ghosts Records says:

    Punch Out was just a sports game that has been glorified to no end. What next? Fight Night 2010 is gonna have it's own video in 24 years?

  4. Jeremy Pinkham says:

    Might have been good to mention that Punch Out inspired Sega to make the "Heavyweight Champ" and "Title Fight" games with the player controlling a very similar transparent boxer fighting in the same perspective as "Punch Out," with the big difference that they had two physical handles per player that players used to throw punches. Only saying this because the whole video I had a nagging thought in my head that I could have sworn that I had played a Punch Out arcade game with dual hand punch controls.

  5. Mike G says:

    oh look it's norms yearly video

  6. Star Wolf 128's Bossfights Archive says:

    Skipped over Little Mac's appearance in EA's Fight Night.

  7. Денис Ко says:

    hah voice from LGR

  8. Big Poppa Burgundy says:

    Good old Norm the Nintendo Fanboy Historian, can always count on one-sided, biased and selective histories from him!

  9. tomas rafael says:

    It was revolutionary at the time because it came out one of the first Nintendo games for the system and how we had had was Atari boxing that was trash and this is amazing compared to that bullshit and Mike Tyson was in his prime to so there was that

  10. carlingaGaming says:

    14:43 does that Takoda like woodgrain?

  11. 22techies says:

    Wow, great doc! You couldn't have honored my childhood any better! brought a tear to my eye!

  12. JCG105 says:

    Oh MAN! I loved this one! Please keep up the good work, dude!

  13. Targard .QuantumFrack says:

    Very well made and engaging documentary, thank you and congrats!

  14. Ido Shani says:

    I want to see the series back

  15. Frank Kesel says:


  16. Matthew Bryant says:

    Have you been binging the Ken Burns on Amazon Prime too? This worked well, getting that Ken Burns hypnosis effect. It's impressive, keep it up, Ken Burns style all the time please, you crush it.

  17. 2ndplayeruser North Prince says:

    Man, I didn't think I'd watch through the whole thing. So glad I did

  18. Noah Heninger says:


  19. Adamtron says:

    This was absolutely fantastic!

  20. WonkyBomb says:

    Awesome video and bit of nostalgia for me. How can people dislike a video like this history is history smh

  21. Truth Hurts says:

    Mike Tyson, one of the most famous rapists of all time.

  22. Marsupial Gamer says:

    Excellent episode! I loved the original Mike Tyson's Punch Out as a kid and enjoyed the Wii Punch Out immensely as an adult. This overview brought back some wonderful memories.

  23. videogameobsession says:

    I always thought Nintendo should have released a Punch Out!! Collection for the 3DS. The 3D would have looked awesome with the green wireframe Mac.

    Optional touch controls would have also been interesting. Tap the opponents to punch/swipe left or right to dodge, etc..

  24. Thomas B says:

    excellent work, excellent!

  25. kaede19xx says:

    LGR!!!! hahaha thought I heard that voice from somewhere.

  26. Luciano Nicolás García says:

    Amazing video

  27. Dustin Southworth says:

    DId I hear LGR?

  28. LoELP Games says:

    Another great video man 🙂

  29. GBLynden's RC says:

    Punch Out is in my top 2 games ever.

  30. Clark says:

    Exceptional work once again.

  31. leeartlee915 says:

    Awesome long form piece once again. Thank you gaming historian!

  32. Kyle Hoover says:

    Great video ! Worth the wait

  33. Glaucon says:

    Punch-Out is one of my favorite games for the NES and the game my friend and I play whenever we hook up the NES. I'm not a boxing fan and I really only ever knew Mike Tyson as an ear biter with a weird face tattoo. This video has given me a greater appreciation of where this awesome game came from and corrected some false information I believed (i.e. that Nintendo re-released Punch-Out because Mike Tyson bit off a guy's ear, yeah I need to tell my friend I was wrong about that). Keep up the great work!

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