The Most Unexpected Knockouts In The History of Boxing

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  1. Maxi Engl says:

    End Song?

  2. Blue Louie says:

    Many comment on the long count douglas got, but try to consider that douglas was listening to the ref and got up at eight. He was unaware of any long count, he just did what any fighter who's just been knocked down would do; he got up at eight. It wasn't his fault. I believe he would have gotten up at eight either way. It was just time for Mike to lose one.

  3. Jim Tilley says:

    I was and have been a Tyson fan since the day, and always believed we surely had a most incredible phenom in our midst during those years of Mike Tyson's boxing! That which I am afraid caused Mike to lose the belt to Buster Douglas, as with George Foreman in "The Thrilla," was neither George nor Mike were used to getting into the double-digit numbers in the ring! Mike Tyson – as this was the most watched phenom for me in MY life – was so used to taking people out in the first round, although I have no personal way to prove these words, I think quite possibly he did not train as he should have, for that fight!

    It was quite a fight however, as although Buster Douglas was considered just a so-so fighter in those days – surely not a contender – fought as if he were, and Mike surely was not expecting that! By the time the 8th round comes and goes, we are seeing a very tired Mike Tyson, not being able to overpower Douglas with his "punches in bunches," and amazingly, Douglas looks like a great fighter by the tenth round, and the man throwing punches in bunches! I saw more of that fight in this video than ever before, and this is my reaction to that which prevailed that night, without previously seeing and thinking about it. When I heard what had happened that night, I was awestruck; however, I must admit as well, Mike – although still a great fighter in my mind – had been showing me his utter greatness was diminishing, and too of course, few knew the reasons for this, mostly today known as psycho-social in origin. After all, Mike had made some bad decisions, and although those who loved him had we been able, would have warned him had we the opportunity, a man worth $hundreds of millions, is a very delightful target for those about us, who would like to have some of that for themselves, sans MIKE!

    Life was very different then! Mike Tyson, and thereafter Roy Jones Jr. were my boxing idols of the decade! Today, so much is happening in our Country, I personally find it very difficult to get overly interested in anything other than the state of the world, and EVERYTHING set up to get us to EXPECT an alien invasion pretty soon. It is truly hard to believe, I once felt so free to express how I felt about everything to anyone, and now, I cannot find many who care how anyone feels about anything! We are all in grievous danger, my friends, and I would tell you, it's time to become very interested in the spiritual aspects of life, and by that I mean, The Everlasting Gospel! That time is NOW here!

  4. citycentregreen says:

    Ali vs foreman was suppose to be number 1.

  5. Viktor Ebel says:

    Ich möchte gerne Boxer werden

  6. Neolancelot Channel says:

    That's a first time I saw Mike Tyson knocked out.

  7. Apolinario Durian says:

    Do not underestimate paquiao he is one of the stronger left handed boxer

  8. Mugshot Marley says:

    The narrator puts me off

  9. Mikalay K. says:

    неожиданный нокаут от Кости? автор ты о чем?

  10. Raoul Iacob says:

    The one with Mike was a lie. He won in the 1st knock out. Then he referee gaved the other guy a chance and the cards turned around

  11. Rainbow Lion says:

    The best of this video is by far Ali vs. Foreman. The others didnt really have as much of a solid story- The pac man fight with that guy was the 4th match, pac man the clearly better fighter throughout, i never heard the other guy since. The fight with Hasim and Lennox was a big upset, but total fluke, after the fight Hasim Rahman (rahman noodles) lost to a bunch of no names, and lennox easily beat his ass. The only reason Rahman won was because lennox was messing around and opened his chin. The same case happened with buster douglas- great win/upset, but absolutely failed at everything else after the match.

  12. bangladesh noakhali says:

    ali is the best

  13. chuzi la pweza says:

    Great video…. thanks for it"

  14. Kevin Flotat says:

    Ali for ever.

  15. rob dog says:

    Narrate your video …. the robot voice is TERRIBLE!

  16. cookieDaXapper says:

    GREAT video, actually shows highlights and the knockouts!!!! Stellar job, thank you, PEACE.

  17. Eliseo Delgado says:

    Marquez cheat he step in pacquiao foot

  18. Zmei Bymajnui says:

    Ну, в отношении Дзю- Джуда, я и не сомневался, что "Костя догонит и Костя накажет") Правда поволноватся пришлось.

  19. Juan Waffles Jackson says:

    Huwan Manyuel Mahkez? Who?

  20. ALCHEMIST says:

    Tyson got rocked but he wasnt given the same count as buster

  21. S.O.G For life says:

    Tarver VS Jones Jr. Was a shocker

  22. Sport Legends says:

    Great video!

  23. Ghulam Hussain says:

    52nd comment

  24. Anthony Cox says:


  25. michael mackey says:

    Good vid but the "what's wrong Wich you shawty " tick too commercials every 2 min ruined it

  26. Albert Avila says:

    Marquez wasn't a surprise. Mexican power

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