The history of the Cuban Missile Crisis – Matthew A. Jordan

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19 Responses

  1. salim mampad says:

    USA tried to overthrow Cuban government !! . Why ,is it because Cuban revolutionaries ended the dictatorship of Batista??

  2. Mount Gaming says:

    0:20 SNAP

  3. thehaywireprogrammer says:

    Big red button


  4. Aravind Sri Sai says:

    Anyone annoyed by the thumbnail?

  5. CramDead says:

    Seems about right. USA is aggressive towards USSR, USSR protects it’s ally defensively, USA gets outraged and blockades and plans an invasion, so the USSR for the betterment of humanity stops the conflict.

  6. CramDead says:

    The Cold War is one of the examples of when the bad guys win

  7. Elisiona says:

    Sir, I don’t feel so good…

  8. Alexandra Delliou says:


  9. SKONTO Я says:

    Small remark. USSR submarine didn't hear the a radio signal not because of the depth, but because of the US radio signal blockade around Cuba.

  10. DaeAlbusFuego says:

    Can I just say that Robert Kennedy was the greatest example of a good man we have ever had. When we lost him we lost our soul as a country.

  11. Saksha Verma says:

    4:26 is the most thoughtful element of the animation.

  12. Sreram K says:

    So this is why there are no Aliens….

  13. Anurag Bhatlawande says:

    I have a history encyclopedia which has a cartoon of John Kennedy and Nikita Khruschev arm wrestling, sitting on top of nuclear missiles, and both having their other hand ready to press a button….

  14. George kikionis says:

    3:34 poor Greece . Peloponnesus has cut in half. And Create looks like an upside down Cuba.

  15. Hari Om Chudasama says:

    Vasili Arkhipov saved the earth

  16. Dimmor ashuvant says:

    한글자막에 실수가 있습니다. 2:53의 행정관은 정치장교로 번역해야 합니다.

  17. anonymous prime says:

    sorry to be that guy but actually we had know idea if they had the war heads or not

  18. Vasting says:

    Soviet union pointed missiles at western europe and THEN the US put missiles in italy and turkey.

  19. Jevin Christopher Munoz says:

    When the button is pushed there's no running away, there'll be no one to save with a world in a grave.

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