The Great Nara Money Experiment | History of Japan 28

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  1. Linfamy says:

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  2. Z. L. Burington says:

    Thanks for continuing essays on the Nara period and not skipping straight o Heian!

  3. Dang Duy says:

    Pho real though. This Pho joke is not fun after the third times

  4. Ad Lockhorst says:

    Rice and fabric as currency. So bags of rice were moneys of money?

  5. Epimetheus says:

    I get way too excited when I hear about the amount of copper in coinage, valuation, and inflation. Interesting video man!

  6. Haraesh Jayaraman says:

    Quick question out of curiosity: when DID the Japanese started using coins again? When did the concept of paper money and coinage make a comeback?

  7. Amadou Fall says:

    FINALLY episode 28! Wooooooooooo!

  8. Joseph Rodrigo says:

    I still admire the japanese saving mentality. I wish Americans were more like that. You know you spend like your friends and if you're surrounded by the Jones, you'll never be able to save.

  9. Bart Fart says:

    Quit the "We Asians take over America" bit.
    It was just a silly comment but As an Asian American I find that shit Cringy.
    I like your channel because you know your history. Don't get silly. If I find it ridiculous, Im sure some politically sensitive "progressive" whites will too.
    (Chill Weaboos, your comments are worthless here)

  10. Kenneth Rapp says:

    Ok… we'll let you take over and do the math and stuff, but the porn stays uncensored.

  11. Saint Alphonse says:

    Excellent vid! Love you too lol

  12. purin172003 says:

    i love you more, my trump-hatin boo 😉

  13. Stefán Atli Þorvaldsson says:

    great video

  14. Thierry Van Nuffelen says:

    Alternative titel: The Nara cash run marathon 🙂

  15. たにし長者 says:

    One of reasons of the fall of Roman Empire was malignant inflation caused by counterfeiting… For ancient or medieval rulers currency control was always big challenge.

  16. Osumanjin says:

    What do we learn when government interferes in the money supply ? Linfamy you should read some works of the austrian school of economics for further details. I highly recommend it you.

  17. Osumanjin says:

    If you wanna criticize Bitcoin. Do it in the right way. All State currencies at the other hand came down to their base-value……namely zero!

  18. Quinn Champagne says:

    Do so many that you will actually have no life


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    " A Wadōkaichin! "
    " A Wadōkaichin…! Brilliant! … what's it do?"
    " Well, I've figured out how to trade six beers at the same time! "
    " …Trade Six Beers at the same time…! Brilliant! Let's make them all at the same time!"
    " … maybe we, shouldn't, make them all at the same time…? "
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  20. Quinn Champagne says:

    Linfamy you got to make more videos

  21. Ian Cabugsa says:

    This video is so Pho King Good.

  22. Jonathan Williams says:

    If I can pay in cash I do so

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