The Emerald Tablets and the Great Pyramid of Egypt | Ancient Architects

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  1. Kevin Kral says:

    A channel that can't be beat!
    Never miss 'em!
    Rock On!

  2. Ikmel A.A.A. says:

    Whoever built the pyramids is the biggest troll in history.

  3. Lloyd Naylor says:

    @Ancient Architects Have you ever looked into Lemuria? AWESOME channel and content BTW. I'm hooked!

  4. leeurmston says:

    Once upon a time I thought I had this figured out, but judging by peoples comments on here it appears like I am barking up the wrong tree.

  5. The Drunk Alchemist says:

    The hermeticum compendium is an intresting read along with the kibylon.

  6. Giuseppe LoGiurato says:

    Why are you singing
    In such a strange way?
    Your cadence is jarring,
    It obscures what you say.
    The info is bullshit,
    We know better today…
    It's very annoying,
    I don't think I'll stay.

  7. ulises gonzalez says:

    Awesome info

  8. Greg Lawing says:

    The Prager university ads that precede these videos suck.

  9. Gleb Dumchev says:

    Very nicely done! Thanx for your work, man! Have you read the Law of One (the Ra material)? Although channeling is not particularly credible scientifically, this book provides fascinating details on the Great Pyramid.

  10. CKlegion7272 says:

    Love this vid. Please more about the tablets.
    Keep the good work going.
    Greetings from Netherland.

  11. Anyextee says:

    Nice video Matt, keep them coming brother! Personally I don’t buy into the “tablets” (plural). Historically there was but one tablet. That’s my hand at 1:04 holding my emerald tablet replica.Get yours here:

  12. Tracy Spose says:

    Interesting video. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Sandra Miller says:

    The emerald tablet if it existed was probably like the copper scroll that was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Copper turns green when it is old. Emerald has to be a translation error. I read that the copper scroll is a royal inventory. If that is so then where did it come from? I think it came from Amarna where some such items listed have been found. How did it get to the Dead Sea? It was taken there by the Israelites when they revolted. The write up must be fiction or fake because they would not have been able to translate such an old text then. Translations were only possible much later. F.Miller

  14. Ste Eddison says:

    Basically you will unlock the full secrets that the pyramids contain by magnetising the blocks and watch what blocks move and what will occur will scare the shit out of scientists and historians.

  15. Ste Eddison says:

    Does anyone remember recent nuclear fission experiment and they contained the reaction using a powerful magnetic field.
    Plus have you seen videos of lightbulb being powered by a magnet.
    Well has anyone heard of magnetic island off the north east coast of Australia, this island was discovered by captain cook, and his ships compass went crazy when he went near the island, he thought the whole island contained magnetic ore, it turns out that the island was infact a coral reef millions of years ago, and only the hills contain magnetic ore but the calcites that the coral deposited on it millions of years ago.
    Now take the fact that the Egyptians went several hundred miles away to mine Stone from the red Sea at gallilea, this has baffled historians for centuries, they had a pyramid made from the same magnetically permeable substance.
    The pyramid was engineered for containing a fission like reactor, plus they used this magnetic property of the coral stone/calcite coated stone blocks was used for ease of construction has they utilized the basic principles of magnetic levitation/mag. lev. technology, they basically floated/levitated the stone to the construction site. They used the batteries found in the catacombs coupled with the other clay jars that were not batteries they had copper bars in them, these were leyden jar capacitors, they were used to create a stable flow of electrons in order to produce a stable electro magnet of which they powered lighting in order to work around the clock plus to ease construction.
    Those tablets are ancient, and would have belonged to someone else who levitated stones around, a wizard called Merlin perhaps.
    Plus don't forget Latvian Stone Mason Mr Leedskalin, this chap built/levitated the gigantic stone blocks of coral Castle in Florida.
    Go and do the reasearch, as I did.
    You Will find everything I've said to be scientifically and historically correct.
    Check for yourselves

  16. joetothesanders says:

    I guess i should fast before visiting the Great Pyramid according to the tablets, but I'd probably have to pay off some people to be able to lay down in the sarcophogus of stone.


    Cast concrete premix for sale, just add water. Great for statues, tablets, figurines and more. Easy to use, 24 hour set up time. Paintable. Quantity discounts available. Mono atomic gold payment only.

  18. Jon DiCsre says:

    An interesting topic, I would like to learn more on but from reading the comments, it sounds like wandering through a rabbit hole. Do more research and follow up on this one, please. You are on the right track with attempting to understand the pyramid from ancient texts, the question is what texts have validity?

  19. 4T1K5O says:

    On the subject of tablets. Do you believe the Ten Commandments or the Ark of the Covenant will ever be found? Love your channel friend, always entertaining and thought provoking content. Thank you for your time and effort!

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