The Advanced Origins of Ancient Egypt

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5 Responses

  1. NT says:

    boringgggggggggggggggg and stupid

  2. Teh Goat says:

    Theories suggest that the Sphinx is thousands of years older that what is accepted currently.

  3. René Moncayo says:

    You cant apply an african american afrocentric sensibility to Egypt. The ancient egyptians had a very strong sense of identity which made them consider themselves distinct from the Kushites (congolese who formed the majority of the african slave diaspora), from the Nubians themselves and even other Semites. Hence other foreign dynasties like the Hyksos were considered outsiders and usurpera. Perhaps in the light of anglocentric racism , the egyptians would be considered Black and denigrated as such. The inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent were treated as such.

  4. wasy35 says:

    Well Alexandria had the 1st library so I assume Egypt had books before others, no?

  5. Christian Lopez says:

    this was covered in Stargate…

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