Sun Yat-sen – An Army in Exile – Extra History – #3

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  1. Extra Credits says:

    Welcome back everyone to the first Extra History of the new year! If you too would like to join the exclusive club of people who get to watch the videos a few days before they are public and get to actually be the "first!!1!!1!" comments on the video, head on over to our Patreon:

  2. Jeremy Dianco says:

    The Philippines!!! Yeah!

  3. Derrick Liu says:

    This is the only Chinese head of state, publicly venerated by both ROC and PRC.
    They all tried to claim his legacy.

  4. Pat says:

    I'm just here to see the animated versions of Chiang Kai Chek and Mao Zedong to be honest

  5. Lee Hong Jin says:

    Tch, those damn Christians…

  6. Nationalist Kirmit says:

    If this could only happen today

  7. Achillez says:

    I've been waiting for this all winter and New Year's break
    Hell, it's about time…

  8. Canadaball says:

    Why couldn't they have killed him?

  9. Collin Buckman says:

    You know what they say, 11th time's the charm.

  10. Ben j.f says:

    get assassinated by the Chinese government? that's how mafia works

  11. Paladin Colt says:

    can we have episodes focusing on the Philippine-American war?

  12. pablononescobar says:

    5:26 the Hawaiian birth certificate says "Barry"–I see what you did there

  13. KageRyuuUji says:

    Beware Not-Dan, for Zoey is as murderous as they come.

  14. Mr. OK says:

    Damn cliffhangers everytime

  15. Intet Mane says:

    Those reforms actually sound good…

  16. Angel Fox says:

    There's another major event that's fixing to happen, probably around the time of the next installment: The October Revolution and the formation of the USSR. Lenin and Dr. Sun corresponded with each other frequently, and later the Comintern would aid Sun in his cause.

  17. SquidCake says:

    4:05 who tf eats the green part of the melon
    Like the 3rd one just plain ate the green part off the side like wtf

  18. Expert Noob says:

    Can you make series on the Philippines
    like… Ferdinand Marcos,
    Philippine Revolution
    Philippine-American War
    General Antonio Luna
    the Death March
    People Power Revolution (I like this one)

  19. Jules Brags says:

    As a Filipino, I really feel bad how worthless we are during this period in history.

  20. SquidCake says:

    1:18 scalies stampeding in the background
    2:56 furries orgasm in background

  21. SamuriLemonX18 says:

    This would make such a great TV show or movie series. Hell I'd love a video game set in this time period/location

  22. Magmafrost13 says:

    Oh god I forgot foot binding was a thing. Excuse me while I go throw up

  23. Athaporn MCorp Review says:

    China would hv been democratic like Taiwan if the nationalists won, but they prob would not be as strong as the communists. Quite a trade off.

  24. Joe Vahle says:


    zoey is going to burn down the studio

  25. Typowa_Gaśnica says:

    Yay Finally!

  26. Bentley Winterbottom says:

    6:02 Messase… ok

  27. Ivan Šušak says:

    Good Videi

  28. Scott Dwyer says:

    Does anyone else have issues when watching extra credit videos? They always freeze on me at the same point even after going through trouble shooting

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