SkittenReacts to Internet Historian’s My Immortal Reading: Pt 4!!

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20 Responses

  1. mr flamram says:

    Once i tried making a book about a superhero that goes bad it was shit but know i feel like watching this its the best fucking book in the world

  2. King Slade says:

    …..huh…. I like slut muffin

  3. Khadijah Flowers says:

    I've tried reading cringey fanfiction on my own and it hurts. I would have never been able to get through this alone. Thank you, Skitten. Please do the next part as soon as possible ☺

  4. Space Duck says:

    Are you gonna make anymore make up tutorials? 😀 could you make one that's for like formal events? Not too dramatic but yet eye catching? :DDD

  5. Angel Perez says:

    I'm not gonna question it

  6. Zealous Justice says:

    This physically hurts, but I do it for the channel and you Skitten. Also, feel free to catch these hands in League ANY TIME!!! Bahahahaha!

  7. Kara O'Connor says:

    I learned this thing has 44 chapters ~sighs~

  8. Alicia Kingston says:

    This so called story continues to ruin the reps of good fanfiction writers. As a fanfic writer myself, I find I am more offended the deeper we go. But we in too deep now so we gotta finish it.

  9. hughesnum3 says:

    I’ve tried so HARD and COME so far…ha! Good one lol

  10. Dragonemperess says:

    It gets more insane, if you can believe it.

  11. Caedos says:

    If were hoebiscuits.
    Is it appropriate to apply what i call slutterbutter???
    Too Far?
    Ill see my way out.

  12. itsthelasttime13 says:

    Watching this makes me feel good about anything I've ever written (even the little stories I wrote in crayon when I was 4 & didn't know what a proper sentence was). Holy sh*t, the kid that wrote this doesn't need Grammerly, she needs therapy. Thanks for watching this, Skitten, I don't think I could struggle through it alone !!

  13. Cosmic Faeriedust says:

    The license plates on the front and back of the car are both different lmao

  14. Coolin the Gamer says:

    Detective pikachu with chavezz please

  15. Caleb Bush says:

    You've never seen the Lake Placid movies, honey you need to get Chaves and have like a movie marathon with all the Lake Placid movies., like please can that be a thing

  16. 7Pop says:

    If we're hobiscuits, how do we attain enlightenment and ascend to become hosandwiches?

  17. vehement vader says:


  18. Jeeves Anthrozaur says:

    The grammatical and spelling start coming
    And they don't stop coming

  19. Lily Valentine says:

    Maybe if your trying to have rigorous sex maybe you do "you know what" to Linkin Park

  20. Einar Dúi Egilsson says:

    hey guys

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