RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998 – 2018

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  1. July, The RuneScape History Guy says:

    Glad I could help with this video. As I was able to check the script in advance, I can confirm that this is a great video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gomaga says:

    We're still in beta guyssssss.

  3. xUdieToox says:


  4. Zplinter says:

    The work you put down in making this is incredible! Hats off to you! And everyone who helpt him get all these screenshots and information. This video should be promoted by Jagex. If you love this game, you must watch it, gave me back so many memories.

  5. Audie Suydam says:

    Great video. True thorough enjoyment

  6. ricardosanchezl says:

    Amazing video, thanks for making it! Learned A lot of things that I didn't know of RS. Kudos

  7. Tim Robinson says:

    Is Old School RuneScape gonna be Available on Amazon Kindle Devices this Year?

  8. The Literals says:

    wtf did i just watch omg effort! Better than any History chn shows i've ever watched.

  9. Shane Lewis says:

    wow at 57:53 , that's so nice of Jagex to postpone the update for one player.

  10. Jack Jones says:

    I love how OSRS is so toxic that even the Jmods who create the game are dicks

  11. The1Music2MyEars says:

    Great but could do better narration. Feels like giant run on sentences with no breaks. Turn on CC – commas don't exist. As a result, a tad hard to follow along.

  12. Tormod ร˜sttveit says:

    Great video as always! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for a fantastic look at the entire Runescape timeline from the beginning til the end!

  13. Delnie says:

    Suomi mainittu. Torille.

  14. John Thewliss says:

    Excellent video. Well done and thanks for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Rehab says:

    holy shit the os classic hiscores. And I remember when home tele was added, it was the day after the security stronghold was added to the barb village west of varrock, and players would train on barbs safe spottin them on the rocks in the middle, the sec. stronghold update changed the rock pattern to add the entrance to the dungeon and several players in each world were stuck glitched in the rocks. Home tele was added to make sure players couldn't get stuck anywhere.

  16. Alba Gu Brath says:

    I wish runescape old school had everything up to 2010. Just realised how much I miss dungeoneering and summoning

  17. Dave Carpenter says:

    This video is proof Youtube is good for something.

  18. Jack says:

    16:57 – My Runescape adventure begins! I remember the change to cooking, and the addition of the Kalphite queen as the toughest monster yet! And I have a Rubber Chicken to prove I was around during that time! (It was released March 2005)
    21:48 – I knew Darkforest67, he was my best friends step brother ๐Ÿ˜› (First to 99 Hunter)
    38:09 – And here is the end of my Runescape experience, when I quit during the squeal of fortune debacle. Which is quite a shame T__T I never went back either… The Runespan training area was so freaking cool! Powerleveling Runecrafting was completely broken the first week. And I had great hopes for the future, but I could not stand behind the pay to win SoW.

  19. Kakarot says:

    That's amazing great video!

  20. Gary Williams says:

    Crazy to see the original RuneScape 2 inventory, skill etc layout

  21. Bart says:

    2004 scape!

  22. ElvargsBane says:

    Runescape sucks lol. Vid was alright.

  23. Bob Cobb says:

    This game will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you, Runescape.

  24. Aap Saluveer says:

    just wow. well done

  25. HonorOath says:

    Simply outstanding! This was full of nostalgia, and it was a great way to pay homage to such an epic phenomenon. I don't think the Gower Brothers knew what this would eventually turn into. I'm so thankful for all the fun times and great players that continue to journey online everyday! Cheers!

  26. MrZarewna says:

    Good old classic.. Damn those were the days I tell ya. I feel so old now ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. dimitri wary says:

    Brings back so many memories….
    I skipped school so much for this game, was a really nice and fun time!

  28. Nick Bottorf says:

    I can barely understand a word youโ€™re saying man

  29. aprilla_rs EU says:

    appreacite all the work what you put into this was interesting to watch. thanks

  30. Violent Talent says:

    What a great video.

  31. Swank Mann says:

    Jarvis Dewar was here*Waves*

  32. Jibbalob says:

    Song name at 51:00?

  33. Sander Oispuu says:

    Like if you also cried because of the streamer

  34. Dr LMAO says:

    Suomi? So a Finnish virgin? A lot of Finnish virgins in these sorts of games that require no skill except total time spent, weird.

  35. ZiyoReturns says:

    @mote plox

  36. Volvirth says:

    It's not Beet-ah.
    It's Beh-tah.

  37. Volvirth says:

    It's weird to see all the changes summed up like this.
    I barely even remember 2008, the year i started RS.
    It's been over a decade, and still going strong, though, on my fourth account. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Green Sheep says:

    Its like watching over my entire childhood.

  39. Eian Lindsey says:

    Settled maxing first UIM ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Micah says:

    No mention of Woox (or Woox16) at all!?

  41. Bailey Berry says:

    I couldn't understand what this person was saying half the time until I slowed the video to 0.75 and he sounded close to normal.

  42. 0ops Sorry says:

    This really was a great video. So much nostalgia. Many of the updates caught me off guard "wow that was 7 years ago already? maybe I should do something else with my life"

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