Racist Raidio1 Insults Ancient Egypt As Mulatto Nation

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  1. Truth Finder says:

    ive seen im say be fore say they went in there and paint the pic,s white to hide the history even lol

  2. kurgan highlander says:

    I noticed niggeroids can't even speak a full sentence without mumbling. A sure sign of mental retardation and low IQ.."uuuhmm…uuuhm…you know what I'm saying…uuuhm"

  3. kurgan highlander says:

    excellent video, God bless and continue defecating on those racist afrocentric negroid barbarians who still live in the stone age today

  4. Selendria Muganogo says:

    Now put up habesha women against the paintings

  5. Leslie Tanner says:

    The DNA says Caucasian/Eurasian. There it is. Well, at least I'm one black man that can face the truth.

  6. TheNietchze says:

    Ra – idiot.

  7. 5akaur3 SenwOssret III says:

    Awesome as usual! ❤

  8. Awaiting The Messiah says:

    How exactly does showing a side-by-side picture of brown Arab guy, and image of a brown Egyptian prove he is descendant of ancient Egyptians. You're audience is mentally handicap.

    If you are so certain that Egyptians were wheat colored Mediterranean Caucasoids, why aren't you able to come out in the open and defend your position, where you're not able to tamper with Anthropologist words, use extracts from videos and manipulate them, and use distorted images?

    You shouldn't have an issue doing this if you're as competent as you claim retard7.

    You and all your little white friends are just obsessive nerds who have nothing to better to do with their time, than fap to an fallacious white ancient Egypt that never existed, of course you want let anyone actually confront you about that fact because you know you'll be destroyed instantaneously.

    Get on camera you loser!!

    Better yet, you don't even have to show your face, just use your voice and will still be destroyed either way.

  9. El Matador says:

    I’d like to remind Radio1 next time he says that ancient Egyptians came from East Africa, that the mummies tested had West Eurasian origin haplogroups. And if he brings up that almost 40% of East African haplogroups are West Eurasian, remind him that the admixture event where East African sub-Saharan and West Eurasians mixed was only 3,000 years ago, not long ago enough for ancient Egyptians to be of East African descent.

    Mota Cave man is the oldest East African genome sequenced and its from 4,500 years ago in Ethiopia and was the closest to the Ari people and was found to have no West Eurasian DNA, yet the current Ari people have 18% West Eurasian DNA. It just doesn’t add up for the Egyptians to be East African.

  10. RLP3 says:

    Because nothing is more credible than a Eurocentrist trying to debunk an Afrocentrist……

  11. ASuperEgyptian says:

    Raidio1 -7P7 has beaten you so bad, even her first video in reply to your nonsense over 5 years ago reduced you to a blubbering wreck. You haven't much , nor have you made any progress to prove your ever futile case. LOL

  12. liquidsnake123 says:

    4:20 that man on the right is a Rashaida Arab they are recent immigrants to Sudan.

  13. Gaius Giustiniani says:

    The funniest part is that it's only black AMERICANS who think they wuz 'gipshuns.

  14. mrtruthify says:

    Good stuff. Personally, though, i stopped arguing with the 85 IQ race a decade ago. I quickly realized no amount of logic and data could ever demonstrate anything to a dumb beast.

  15. Slayer King says:

    Nigger u are so fuck up u are not form the tribe of Judah I am form tribes of Judah

  16. Velle says:

    Hey 7P7, have you seen that Cambridge article saying Queen Tiye and the Egyptians were black? How did that nonsense get on there?

  17. Sargoy Cuckad says:

    Debate him on Warski

  18. Bob Toddlah says:

    Hey, Phoenician Raidio1 was on debate last night on the youtube channel "andywarski" thought you might wanna see it. Peace.

  19. Ayyub mountain man 22 says:

    Great work 7P7! Greetings from north iraq

  20. Anonymous says:

    When given enough rope…

  21. Big Smith's Big Glock says:

    Shout out to 7P7!

  22. Axxess Mundi says:


  23. CplHicksjr says:

    Digging that music!

  24. My Daughter Yehshlynn says:

    Egyptians were not mix breads.

    negros have afro hair.

    nona of these wall egyptians had afro hair.

  25. King Ganishka says:

    The Negroes need to understand that Egyptians depicted themselves differently from the BLACK Nubian's who they saw as slaves and sub-human. You don't need to have an IQ higher then 69 to understand that!

  26. RedQueenWarrior says:

    Likes disabled! Nuff said…W

  27. Chris Eye says:

    Poor.poor deluded Racist Radio 1.If he hasn't accepted defeat by now from the schooling You've been giving him..well,then there really is no hope for it. As if there ever was to begin with. And the winner by the height of the Great Pyramid is…7p7.

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