Presidential historian offers touching eulogy at Bush funeral

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  1. Marcus NL says:

    You gotta love Jon … respect how he elegantly steps on Trump’s pride and makes him feel obsolete during the ceremony.

  2. Count D says:

    It's the work people like Bush put into our country that makes surviving Trump possible.

  3. Pat DeWayne says:

    Hey ABC what's wit the about face? When Bush W was POTUS networks like you bashed him constantly. Now you're praising him? And you trashed his father Bush H. WTF. STFU.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Can you imagine such a beautiful speech written about Trump at his funeral? Neither can I.

  5. DIY Everything says:

    R.I.P President BUSH

  6. Jake Adelman says:

    who the fuck actually gave this a thumbs down obviously aren't american lol

  7. Michael Jones says:

    Jon Meacham is perfection in motion. Just good enough for President G H W Bush. Sublime speech..

  8. darth sith says:


  9. Abe Kampman says:

    president bone spurs looks on stupidly

  10. Maritza Piccarillo says:

    Bill Clinton looks like he is ready to die, himself!!!

  11. Maritza Piccarillo says:

    Colin Powell should have said a few words!!!

  12. malmud Thomas says:

    Can you imagine that pumpkin head(trump) is listening to that speech . A racist lying hater of so much . He should not have come . How could he possibly contribute anything other than bigotry and hate

  13. Thisisnotmyusername O says:

    I truly wonder what trumps eulogy will be like.

  14. Ro G says:

    I wonder who they'll get to eulogize t'rump when he passes?
    I wonder if anyone will attend the service??
    I wonder if it will be held at a Hooter's???

  15. Miguel Leon says:

    Berlin Wall falls just like the Mexican border Wall will fall… Trump your a piece of shit

  16. Miguel Leon says:

    Bush is so much more of a Man than Trump

  17. A A says:

    Sounds like another contrived story similar to the horseshit tale told about pt109 ,the truth? they were all asleep on watch. The historians no matter how much they try to incorporate patriotic trash, the real truth always leaks out. The truth? Kennedy's father paid someone to write Kennedy's books.

  18. DaviDamir says:

    This pedophile was of the biggest drug and arms dealers of the world……google IRAN CONTRA

  19. klaas1935 says:

    They didn’t want trump to speak. Otherwise we have to hear how is the best president. The economy is better. Mueller is looking for witch hunt and a hoax.

  20. Michael Freidmam says:

    A beautiful service for a great American hero rest in peace the 41 st president of the United states of america he was the man and what a beautiful life and a great family. God bless all of them

  21. John Publius says:

    3:30 Man…that's a lot of tension.

  22. Jeanette Smith says:

    Incredible eulogy.


    So @ 8:37 clinton was like…

  24. Yve Parizz says:

    This is something trumpturd wouldn't understand. I am sure he didn't comprehend what Mr. Meacham said about President Bush.

  25. 1banana2kiwis says:

    Camera man was totally trying to show Michelle Obama pick her nose but was a split second too late only catching some of it. I thought everyone said she was classy and eloquent? She has her thumb right up there in her nose (left nostril/right hand) for a quick dig at 5:57 but dont pause it… its gross.

  26. Randy says:


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