Michael Wood – “In Search of the Dark Ages…Erik Bloodaxe” (BBC, 1980)

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  1. quazzie1 says:

    Wow, apparently the BBC has been tops in documentaries for a few decades, not just the last one or two.

  2. Tom McRand says:

    nice old Moog sounds

  3. Alastair says:

    Wow!-just wonderful, totally befitting the Beethoven at the end.

  4. Helge Samuelsen says:

    I live less than a kilometre from Eirik Bloodaxes original royal farm at Tau, Norway. It is called Liland – land of the prominence/hill. An unfinished runestone supposedly to commemorate Erik is in the general area. Never raised or finished, because he was never popular in Norway. Too brutal for the vikings?…or perhaps only too brutal with taxes.

  5. roy rodgers says:

    what was before the dark ages?

  6. john hopkins says:

    22:17 Who was the "10th century Viking writer" that wrote: "Only the man who has traveled extensively, and made far journeys, can know and judge men of deep minds."?

  7. slayer 1 says:

    6:41 if only churchmen could write back then how did they learn to write maybe from the Africans the Moors Phoenicians the nietzscheans that is why Europeans were so easy to defeat lack of communications that is also the reasons they had war in the first place lack of communications it fucks up everything

  8. WOLFROY47 says:

    nice scenery, they say dig anywhere in britain and you will hit history. the americans are mostly only into modern history, so in some ways they are the same as us, lets bury the past, so it's great that so much of it has survived and people don't want it forgotten

  9. GorillaGuerilla says:

    North Humbria, Scania, Halland, Blekinge, Norway, Schleswig-Holstein, Iceland and Estonia back to Denmark…..!!!

  10. Erik says:

    TRIVIA: The monicker "Bloodaxe" is most likely not an attestation to Eric's bloody axe, but to the fact that he killed several of his siblings to stay in power. Blood as in family.

  11. Erik says:

    The documentary starts with the silhouette of a double axe typical for the Minoan civilization. Yeah, this is gonna be great.

  12. pokora man says:


  13. Psyborg 9 says:


  14. j g says:

    Russian invasion of Afghanistan but no British or US "visits" to "liberate" countries? Oh, well, it's BBC

  15. Beth Bartlett says:

    Exceptional Host and Production

  16. David Grahan says:

    Michael Wood a brilliant historian, much better than the likes of Dan Snowflake, who cannot be trusted with our great history

  17. Marina says:

    Loki's not the "devil god"!

  18. Suki Pearl says:

    Roastin' n toastin'…….

  19. QueekHeadtaker says:

    One of the last great pagan kings. May he feast in Valhol forever.

  20. ben gray says:

    Fail! Celts were not a people at this time in history, they are a very ancient people from BCE time. During this time in history, celt or Celtic was an artistic movement.

  21. Niko Bellic says:

    How young does he look, Michael Wood! Still the same enthusiasm and passion as today

  22. Mico Berta says:

    Reminds me of Carl sagan's cosmos but for the history of planet earth!

  23. Jen Nicholson says:

    Thank you for uploading this in such a great quality!! I've watched this series before but the quality was poor & would wind up turning them off, disappointed I wasn't able to watch the entire show! These are wonderful programs sharing stories & histories that should always be remembered:)

  24. Amalgamaite says:

    So, what kind of burial ceremony did he receive? Was he buried in one of the local church yards? What happened to his body? Is there no mention of that?

  25. Stephen Prince says:

    The cross at Gosforth is still standing in the churchyard, exposed to the elements. Although copies have been made for museums, I personally think that such a priceless artifact should be protected from weathering down, which is inevitable over time. It should stay there in Gosforth, even in situ, but covered by glass casing to allow visitors to see the wonderfull carvings.

  26. Henry digskills says:

    Dripping with inaccurate marxist rhetoric, yet good dramatic production. Thanks for uploading.

  27. Ross Eion Tought says:

    Michael, I like the history if it is told as it truly happened, (not faux history) as is with King Arthur I & II. King Arthur was two people, one of the 4th century and one of the 6th century and is well documented, I believe as told by Alan Wilson and backed up with much Welsh History which England has tried to eliminate from the records. However, The Story of King Arthur was so well told and ingrained in the minds of the passionate people that the story of Arthur would not die.

  28. Jane Smith says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this great content. Brilliant incidental music throughout the series too. SO many streets ahead of the dumbed-down, bite-size servings presented by some 'history' programmes now.

  29. mandolingrass says:

    Is it me or does Micheal wood look like Dave Edmunds?

  30. Andrew Burgess says:

    great music! analog synths played by Picts in a dank crypt. Neat series. Wood makes it compelling with his delivery

  31. Benni FRESH says:

    Excellent! Thank you for uploading!

  32. John Ashtone says:

    I came here after watching 5 minutes of Francis Prior spouting his utter tosh about there being no Anglo Saxon invasion. Which is a shame as I used to admire the man from time Team days and then I watched him on Youtube? What utter tosh he spouts, with no basis in Archaeological or Historic evidence?

    Meanwhile Michael Wood has done his research, and is a joy to behold.

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