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  1. focob55 says:

    By far THE BEST madden ever. What happened since. EA just does not care anymore.

  2. OGSMOKE o says:

    15 cause has better gameplay

  3. JJIXR says:

    More videos 16 and 17

  4. carl Richard says:

    Laser show

  5. Jackson B says:

    TWIM is exactly where I started also and I miss it so much, it was subtly hilarious and also informative, you end up watching it just for gibbs and farls as people

  6. Eightieskid says:

    Just grateful you dont start your videos with "Yooooooo What is Up? Its your boy…."

  7. aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

    i just find animatiosn disgusting, skill should be the no.1 factor, in FIFA u can beat top players with bronze cards if you're good enough and understand the game.

  8. aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

    and people tell me im crazy for saying Mut 15 was the best? ok lol

  9. J Laramie says:

    First year of must was best. No trade options. 1 coin snipes

  10. Speady says:

    Do 16 now

  11. Filipino Jesus says:

    I need my old totw jamaal Charles

  12. Ryan Snudden says:

    The year of the rollout and face catch! actually was still a decent game that year

  13. Mars says:

    @0:47 . . “That’s what she said”

  14. David martinez says:

    Nice vid you should go through the 16 17 and 18

  15. Caven Wade says:

    Honestly I just want a damn elite to be 85+

  16. Enrique P says:

    Madden 17 was the best with Madden 16 as a close second

  17. Joeyland says:

    Sorry, your measuring 20 years of bad games to find the least offensive one, think about that for a minute, thanks Goodell, keep your damn license

  18. Feelin The Theilen says:

    I remember in madden 15 you could actually spear a reciever out of the air before he could catch the ball. You got the penalty but it was the funniest thing in the world lol

  19. Derrick Bennett says:

    They made it more animation based because it creates an edge for the common dickheads who buy a lot of packs and make EA money. If it had the old engine the people who actually call the right plays and approach it with a gameplan ( aka the Foxx den) would just win every game cause we are smarter than the common meta. DOWN WITH FROSTBITE, DOWN WITH PATS Y SAIL SPAM, DOWN WITH EA!!!

  20. Dimitri Hobbs says:

    Can you do a video that explains where EA delivered and under delivered when they introduced a new game engine?

  21. Feelin The Theilen says:

    13 best 25 second best. Dont @ me.

  22. Roman Studios says:

    Love the video Gut Fox! I started on madden 15, I’ve been going back to madden 15,17, and 18 lately just to try and make 99 overall teams. If anyone would like to donate to help out I’d appreciate it. Gamer tag on Xbox is Vaillen.

  23. Yo Yo says:

    I miss 15:(

  24. Malcolm Jordan says:

    This was the first mut I played. This game has things better than M19 and vice versa. But man I hated getting rocket catch when I started playing online.

  25. Neil Krause says:

    If only I could have an older Madden, I only have 19 on PC

  26. SF22 says:

    Do madden 25!!

  27. Cody Olson says:

    15 best madden ever!!!!

  28. Sans says:

    Ahh I remember when your username was next to the card you put on the auction block and I would get messages from people trying to scam me out of my career tribute Troy Polamalu hahaha

  29. nick_sr84 yahawshi says:

    Christmas promo

  30. Jason Butts says:

    PA endaround was super cheese.

  31. Jason Butts says:

    15 was the GOAT for MUT.
    Golden tickets were golden tickets and the boss cards were amazing.
    Charles woodson and Ronnie Lott cards were so much fun to play with.

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