Leaving Religion: Historical Jesus

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  1. Katalyzt says:

    Indeed… The way historians generally try to discern actual historical events, and/or the historicity of real people is from corroborating evidence from actual contemporaries of the time in question. And that the evidence can be, and is usually dated and/or verified by the scientific fields of archaeology, anthropology, physics, chemistry, biology; just to name a small few. ;O) Yet everything written about the jesus character was done well after his supposed death on a crucifix. And from what I can tell from my own literary research/studies; the jesus character found in the bible did not exist in reality. As none of the fictional jesus characters contemporaries wrote about him inside or outside of the bible. And as prominent a figure as he was supposed to be, it stands to reason that he would have been written about by at least his critics(that is, if he actually had existed). Yet, there is nothing from Pontius Pilate, Herod Antipas, or any of Rome’s other officials at the time.

    Many semi-literate christians will quote, or make reference to:

    Publius Cornelius Tacitus (born 20 years after the jesus character’s death)
    Caius Plinius Caecilius(the younger)(born 26 years after the jesus character’s death)
    Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus(born 33 years after the jesus character’s death)
    Lucian of Samosata(born 89 year after the jesus character’s death)
    Sextus Julius Africanus(a christian) who lived roughly 184 year after the jesus character’s death

    The problem for christians is that none of these men were the jesus character’s contemporaries… In fact, the closest man; as to actually being a contemporary of the jesus character, and who supposedly 'wrote' about him was a man named; Titus Flavius Josephus(A Jew, who was born 1-4 years after the jesus character’s death). But the first problem is that Josephus like everyone else, was not a contemporary of the jesus character as he was (again) born after his supposed death on a crucifix. The second problem is with his writing. You see, the problem with Josephus' writing entitled “the Antiquities of the Jews” (written 57 years after the jesus characters supposed death) is that it seems to have a later christian influence. The first discoveries of Josephus writings are late enough to have been re-written by christians. And as a result of this clear editing/tampering of his work in which his only mention of jesus is universally regarded as a forgery by scalars. ;O)

    Finally, none of the writings from any of these men listed above were from a first hand account, and most referring to christians, and not the jesus character himself. Whereas the real Julius Caesar, and Alexander the Great who both predate the fictional jesus character by roughly 60 to 400 years respectively; actually can be, and have been independently verified through their contemporaries(friends, critics, enemies, satirists) writings, and matching artistic depictions(sculptures, coins, facades on buildings) ;O) There is in-fact more evidence for Bigfoot(photos and videos) than the fictional jesus. ;O)

    As far as other extra-biblical [writings/books/scrolls] go, even the Gospel of Truth was written 111 years after the jesus characters supposed death.
    The Apocryphon of John, was written 156 years his supposed death.
    The Gospel of Thomas was written 171 years after his supposed death.
    The Babylonian Talmud was compiled 471 after the jesus characters supposed death.
    The Ma'amar Tehiyyat Hameti(The Treatise on Resurrection) which was written by Maimonides roughly 1136 years after the fictional jesus characters supposed death. Plus you will notice that the Ma'amar Tehiyyat Hameti does not even mention the fictional jesus character. :O)

    And you want to know a little known fact that christians generally have no clue about? Besides everything I have just listed above, there are actually no eyes witness(contemporaries) who wrote about the jesus character inside of the bible as well. :O) In fact, most modern bibles(either at the beginning of each book of the gospels, footnotes, or in the Glossary) will explain this. ;O) If any christian would study/look a little further then, they would see that none of the four gospels were written by any of the names/men attributed to them. Meaning that Matthew did not write the gospel of Matthew, nor was the gospel of John written by bother of James, and so on. And as far as the 13 epistles of Paul; they were all conservatively written 20+ years after the jesus characters supposed death, and out of the 13 only 7 epistles are considered to have been written by Paul of Tarsus whereas the rest are considered forgeries and/or interpretations by others. Remember, Paul too never met the jesus character. ;O) What's is worse, is that like the fictional jesus character there is no contemporary evidence that Matthew, Mark, Luke or John existed either. ;O)

    Yet using this method of contemporary evidence, historians confirmed the existence of: Simon bar Kokhba who was once thought to be the actual Jewish messiah, as he fulfilled a few of the mosaic prophecies that the messiah was supposed fulfill. One of which was that he actually took back Jerusalem from Roman occupation, but only for three years(132 CE – 135 CE). Yet unlike the fictional jesus character, Simon bar Kokhba has been verified to have existed by contemporary evidence(coinage, the Bar Kokhba papyrus, Roman records about the Bar Kokhba revolt) ;O) There are literally hundreds more detailed and verified Roman records of Roman enemies, and/or dissenters, but among them there are no contemporary Roman records of a rabbi named jesus(jesuah bin joseph). Again, think about why everyone that I have listed(except the fictional jesus, matthew, mark, luke and john characters) have actual contemporary evidence that proves their historical existence. ;O) Please, I entreat any christian or muslim to verify that all that I have said/wrote here is true. :O)

    I was going to finish there, but I like to be thorough. Still in reference to contemporary evidence, did you know that no one outside of the bible even mentions that dead people(saints) were getting out of their graves, and walking into the city where everyone could see(Matthew 27:52-53)? That is; I think worth mentioning by critics, Romans or otherwise(if it had actually happened). Yet there was not one. Any, and all substantial writings were created 50+ year after the jesus character's death. And all of the writings were done by men who both did not know or meet this fictional character when he was supposed to have lived. :O)

    Oh wait, there was one contemporary; Philo of Alexandria (20BC-50AD) a Jewish philosopher; who actually lived during the supposed time of the fictional jesus character. He even visited Jerusalem during his life time and it stands to reason that Philo would have at least heard about the jesus(jesuah bin joseph) character(if he actually existed) yet he makes no mention of a man by that name, or any of his twelve apostles in any of his work. Think about why that is. ;O) I am only offering verifiable truth that anyone else can confirm. :O)

    I can go into greater detail if anyone wants. You need only to ask. ;O)

    (Sorry for the length)

  2. jesusneverexisted300 says:

    You are exactly correct. That person you're describing is Yeshua Ben Pandira. The biblical story of Jesus is a mix of the plaigirisn of Heru (Egyptian deity) or who the Greeks called Horus. This is the godman savior aspect of Jesus and the astrological aspect of Jesus. The human aspect of Jesus where he is a rebel in Rome sent to heal his people is really the story of Yeshua ben Pandira. Yeshua was a wooly haired black man of the Essene tribe (I dont know if I spelled that right) who was a healer and he was supposedly hung up a tree. That is the only difference meaning he wasnt nailed to a cross but rather hung in a tree. Supposedly there is a verse in the bible which speaks of a man hung in a tree. That man was ben Pandira. But anyways this biblical Jesus is really the plagiarism of the Egyptian's story of Heru which preceded the Jesus biblical story by 4000 years and it is also the real life story of Yeshua ben Pandira.

  3. uncleanunicorn says:

    Jesus is most likely a composite of several 1st century apocalyptic preachers and later story tellers combined into a legendary figure like King Arthur.

  4. Ibra Timité says:

    I am believer but I admit that many persons believers or not are emotional. I am not emotional and I analyse the facts. I don't follow a pastor or a guru, I follow my conscience.

  5. Edward Macon says:

    Great video William!

  6. SDC says:

    Got your throw back, yeah!

  7. Christós alítheia says:

    this video shows how dishonest you are. All or most Christians lie to make there story to fit in history is a lie. If that were the case then no one would believe in christianity. Most of of what you said Was mostly your opinion. You did not give any evidence support your claims. Yes there are some Pseudo scholars That believe Jesus was not real. Also the things that these Scholars have said has been debunked by other historians and scholars. But with your Bias Against Christianity The only ones that tell the truth are the ones I agree with you. If you really think that you know better then the people to actually study These issues This only shows that you're full of yourself And this is why I don't believe you I have seen some of your videos and you also lie About Some of the information Just to suit your own agenda Just like the people that you Accuse. And this is why you stand as a hypocrite. Saying that the Jesus of The Bible Was made up by a Roman emperor Is also a lie It has been debunked. Saying that the The Gospels are fake and made up Is another lie And you gave almost no evidence to backup your claim. I have heard From a scholar In the field That's studies the Gospels And he says that they are Greco-Roman biographies of Jesus. Saying that there is no Historical account of Jesus outside The Bible is also a lie I have seen for myself. So I do not believe you Mainly because you gave almost no evidence for your claim In this video Only because you say it doesn't make it true you are not the arbiter of truth. Do you not know that the early christians and the church as a whole was persecuted Why would they make up Jesus If it cost them their lives. People do not die for things that they know Is a lie They gain absolutely nothing To spread the gospel Why would they lie? That in itself makes no sense.

  8. Zeal! says:


  9. Zeal! says:


  10. James Erby says:

    The Bible is based on Astrology not REAL history or REAL characters period, only the Old Testament has some realness in IT because the information was stolen from the Egyptians and the Greeks !!

  11. James Erby says:

    Of course religions are (fake) the deceiver teaches history in reverse order and inverted … once a logical mind grasp this concept, then everything starts making more " SENSE "!!!

  12. Anthony Dunlap says:

    Great Video

  13. RAYZOR J T.V. says:

    I will be giving to help out big bro love the videos. Is there any way to call and check up on you?

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