Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC Documentary

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48 Responses

  1. richard quayson says:


  2. Carlito Villas says:

    Jesus was still alive when they bury him and that is reason why nicodemus brought herbs to cure the wounds of Jesus and leave jerusalem to appease julius caesar

  3. Pamelalamepa says:

    How stupid to say Jesus is Buddhist monk

  4. sharon neethling says:

    One thing I am absolutely am sure about is that their are demon's because I have seen them and they are small and ugly, plus many more to which i have not seen and oh yes the werewolf, I have seen that as well. And on the other hand, there are giant angel's who protect you when the demon's come for you. NO body can tell me that this is a lie because I have seen them. So having said this. The demon's are of Satan to which is evil and hate and no love and God the Lord Jesus Christ is of love and protection and healing. That's it so a person can choose hate or love and i tell you this. I choose my Lord Jesus Christ above all else. He is my Father and I give him the praise and glory and I will never denounce him. I mean really who wants to live in hate and bitterness. By the way Jesus is a Jew.

  5. danny jewell says:

    So this guy Jesus is going around walking on water , raising the dead ,etc and then after getting nailed up and rescued, he figures he had better keep a low profile, and stop all that stuff,I don't think so

  6. Obsee says:

    You are skipping that the fact he was stabbed to make sure he was dead. You are deceiving, you are Satan’s disciple to spread false about Jesus.

  7. Obsee says:

    Another fake report.

  8. Lallenmang Chongloi says:

    This is exactly the voice of the Devil.

  9. Lallenmang Chongloi says:

    Haahaha this is like a shit!

  10. Kevin Bell says:

    Away to fuck with Jeebus. When I die , if he's there, I'm going to kick fuck out of the cunt.

  11. Owl29 says:

    This is tabloid journalism. A Christian disciple, perhaps an apostle Did travel to India, there are Christians from this event still there today. There were also trade routes with the transfer of ideas from India to the middle East. But this is irresponsible "journalism."

  12. GR. Hollman says:

    So many experts sharing their insights. Faith is belief in the unknowable. Lets be kind and simply admit we don't know.

  13. W11 Granny says:

    Why did they find the tomb open? I would have been more convinced of a ressurection if the tomb was still sealed and the body gone.

  14. MrZapparin says:

    The real question is which was first: Judaism, or Buddhism. The answer is Judaism, by far

  15. Nameless Child says:

    You can't wake the dead!

  16. putheflamesou says:

    We are scarcity ruled. Forced inefficiency to support the broke(n) infrastructure on a Titanic ride under cloud. All is feasible we are at the Age of Irony, next Disruption, next Nothingness, then Truth and the final test for humanity. Easy reconstruct(inefficiency wiped out) in 10 yrs with robotics and gps. A efficient safe healthy Earth with educated people. Even quicker(or not still quick) The Venus Project for the youth, free the old.

  17. Mark Tillotson says:

    absolute unadulterated horse manure

  18. sherry fary says:

    this is all bsssssss

  19. truthsout says:

    Where is this beautiful statue of Jesus found please?

  20. Vernon says:

    And the BBC is full of shit! The BBC couldn't solve diddly, the lying POS! are just that, lousy LYING POS!

  21. Andre EWERT says:

    First Sentence is wrong. Jews did not exist..Judaic Pharisisians Did exist in time of Judea..the money changers that Christ chased from Church… ,the first group is from Eastern Europe and were Khazars, the second group were Hebraic …no credibility if you start with wrong facts..

  22. Ed Prue says:

    If you're going to question Jesus' death and resurrection, at least mount a credible case. You clearly give credence to manuscript evidence, since you are even discussing him as a real person who factually lived. Are the manuscripts that relate eyewitness accounts of his death and his subsequent appearances to numerous people somehow more suspect that the manuscripts that account for him actually having lived as a historical figure?

  23. Juliet Adams says:


  24. Billy Goat says:

    It is amazing how such stories can become almost acceptable but on nothing that is credible. Like the many conspiracy believes.

  25. Rosslyn Henderson says:

    The Philippines is built as an organ harvesting hub of the Vatican. The Vatican's is established through missionaries and the monetary systems. It was the Vatican that endorsed Leonardo Da Vinci's obsession with human anatomy. It's no secret that the Vatican's "Eat my body, drink my blood, do this in memory of me" ritual has its history in the foundation of the medical industries that was linked to cannibalism through the wealthy that was affected by the plagues through the sins of history. Today that very ritual is blood transfusions and organ transplants, as plagues did affect Europe areas science researchers has revealed that DNA has memory and diseases from the sins of history are present in DNA, the parts of the world that was not affected by the plagues where old cultures and these nations were first to be victimized by the Vatican's organ harvesting agenda's in making the Christ manifest to heal those affected by the sins of history. The Vatican's have been doing this from the beginning of their establishments, this trade started with the "Christ" who was part of a nation that was not affected by Europe's sins of history like the Roman's who were dying from disease in that era when hygiene was not the way of the wealthy. Modern Caucasians, Europeans carry the diseases of the sins of history through their DNA that affect their health, which is why IMF's Vatican investments in "white privilege" or "white supremacy" medical investment industries cater to Europeans, Caucasians health and wealth through Christianity, while nations of IMF's exploited countries are forced with Christianity and taught to know sacrifice through the churches that promote childbirth and keep their data like they cattle for IMF's and the Vatican's medical investment industries! Christianity was created to serve whites, while Christianity was placed in culture tribe areas to mimic the Good News like flocks of sheep until their sacrifice. The English language has been used to manipulate and murder nations through Christianity! If the so-called "Jesus" returns the whites are going to bear the brunt by the physic laws that govern this world no different to what was done to the Jews! The whites greatest fear is their freedom being removed and that is what the microchip implant era is about; control. The end of times is what is happening now, human depopulation agenda's through the global financial crash is being orchestrated and the rising of the microchip implant era starting in Europe, to control everyone! The Asians are leading in human control through technology!

    ◄ Revelation 19:15
    The Rider on the White Horse
    …14The armies of heaven, dressed in fine linen, white and pure, follow Him on white horses. 15And from His mouth proceeds a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God, the Almighty. 16And He has a name written on His robe and on His thigh: King of kings and Lord of lords.…

  26. Billy Goat says:

    I don't that this Jesus ever lived, all of the miracles were made up and there is no historical record of the man or events.

  27. Laura Rosas says:

    False false false.

  28. Steven School Alchemy says:

    Jesus was an alchemist

  29. U.N. Owen says:

    "Put your hand on the back of your TV set and FEEL the warmth of Jesus!"

    It is astounding that in the 21st Century that ANY of these 1st Century Bronze Age superstitious religions still exist or have any appeal.

  30. Pat Aherne says:

    That carry on in the Philippines is not Catholicism.

  31. Midna Urthqua says:

    No He wasn't

  32. Malcolm Middleton says:

    No he wasn't.

  33. Messerbee Chek says:

    If you lived 2,000 years ago when mankind was at a different place in evolution (ie. running water, medicine, ability to travel further and quicker) I think you would agree it is preposterous to assume villagers who were present during his childhood until he became a grown man were possible witnesses to the greatest literature on Earth to be preserved in a book that is accepted by Muslims who believe he was no different than any of the numbered 1,400 others who came before and after him. Holding on to falsehoods and forcing those who are curious more than anything else for the truth is a travesty. He lived his life, most likely, until he died and was not killed because he was a messenger of God — protected and not set up to become the tragic figure you hope he was. Just think. Muslims read because they need to know God (or Allah SWT) is there to teach us against and to punish us for wrongdoing. This is the mystery of religion and faith. Who knew the real truth was always a believer of the innocence of mankind in the face of the most formidable odds. That is the essence of humanness. That is what adds character and draws us in.

  34. Howard Macmillan says:

    Cool "story',bruh.

  35. Abdillahi Jeylani says:

    What is a belief…? I mean what is really beliefs ? Is it 5 sense or 6 sense ?

  36. ThermaL1102 says:

    yeah, if that guy ever comes around , he would take a quick look and turn around , not that i believe in all that crap anyway
    i know I AM
    what's there to know after that ?
    fuck christianity and all it's close RETARDED cousins , it's all bullcrap
    no religion is needed to go through life , nobody needs a handbook for life
    nobody needs a deity sounding board for when they feel bad , that's what people are for
    nobody needs a ''god'' to hold their hand like a fuckin 4 year old , how are you gonna learn a damn thing in this life ?
    people are scared little lambs , who can't cut the cord !
    pure idiots , a bunch of scared idiots !
    why would you give away ANY power to ANYONE else then yourself ?
    say it again , idiots

  37. nextstar55 says:

    wow… these folks will come up with anything

  38. bigwaverider says:

    What most Christians fail to comprehend is the words that Christ spoke to them when he said, I go now to my other sheep, meaning to other places on Earth who believed in him. It's possible that Buddha was a disciple of Jesus. And as the Bible has been corrupted so to the teachings of Jesus. Of course, this is sacrilege and just another attempt by the evil one to discredit our Lord and Savior. I am not a religious zealot by any means. I am a sinner and I know it. But I can't stand by and let the creator of our universe and of Mankind be treated this way. To quote Jesus, "FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO".

  39. Gladstone Liang says:

    When Emperor Constantine realized the limits of military might to keep his far flung lands under control, he summoned 59 religious leaders and created a new version of religion in the same vein as King Henry VIII created the church of England, with a fictitious figure named Jesus and had him backdated 325 years. It's not surprising that no credible proofs of his existence. Not even a letter to anyone, his parents, or any of his disciples. The new religion was made a state religion of the Roman Empire as a means of indoctrination and political control of the vast, uneducated and poor masses. The empire itself morphed into a new form of empire called the Vatican which proved to be more efficient and cost-effective than the military might of the Roman Empire. The fear of Excommunication was enough to keep all the heads of state in check, and the fear of Hell was and still is enough to keep the masses in obedience. The Roman Empire never fell, and the Vatican is more than a religion as it is also recognized as a country or state with diplomatic relations all over the world. Its vast wealth is still intact and its influence is still considerable. And the Pope is the undemocratically elected head of state.

    Nowadays it's easy to prove that the Christian God doesn't exist. If you are sick or got hit by a car, you go to see a doctor or are sent to a hospital. No sane person would go see a priest or go to the church.

    So how can this Monk Jesus be anywhere if he didn't even exist?

  40. Amanda Hughes says:

    More bbc claptrap abolish the licence fee NOW

  41. Barry Galbraith says:

    So the BBCthinks Jesus might have been a Buddhist monk. Yea right and Mohammed was a very nice chap.

  42. Pastor Flaps says:

    All religion is just a way to fool the stupid

  43. umang rai says:

    Any relegion is useless until u divert ur mind inwards. Relegion is the subject which tries to move u inwards knowing one self, Feel for others,generating kindness and compassion. it dosent matter whether jesus was monk or not. But it may matter whether you are knowing facts and finding everything truth within yourself or not. Apart from faith there are more things to explore within yourself parallel to it.

  44. Hebo Sabe says:

    So many low iq …. We do need a world war to take out the idiots.

  45. Gérard Lefrançois says:

    Jesus is invented by Human. It is a very nice story to stop people suffering. .

  46. Tabrez Ahmed says:

    Also listen to Surat al imran and Surat al maryam(mary- in Muslim she is revered as the number 1 lady on earth by … our Lord)listen in englis translation.

  47. Tabrez Ahmed says:

    Watch BBC extreme pilgrims… ascetic Christianity.. … it was not Thomas gopalaa but James the just who made the first church in south india when sent by Jesus to preach but was brutally murdered by spears and many of them..

  48. Robert Frank says:

    Anyone who believes their God is more true than anyone else's has no grip on reality.
    If you were born in the middle east, you'd most likely be a muslim…
    If you were born in India, you'd most likely be Hindu…
    In eastern regions, you'd most likely practice buddhism (which is philosophy, not religion)

    By all means, believe what you want, but dont force your believe on others or claim yours is the "truth". There would be alot less bloodshed in the world if you believers would stop fighting.

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