How to block your enemies from building pyramids with this exploit (New) Fortnite Glitches season 7

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39 Responses

  1. Critical Plays101 says:

    I dare you to add me on epic… SoaR Onetap

  2. mesiroy1234 says:

    Beter use glich :hit the wall then build a stairs and hit the blye circle of the wa

  3. Glitches Games says:

    Finally a use for all the turrents

  4. All Time Fortnite God ? says:

    This Glitch sucks dude all you do is waste a turrent!

  5. Aamir L says:


  6. Lawin says:

    Please stop with the ending. It’s so stupid it’s a virtual game no need for that

  7. LiftMuscle says:

    Credit to the person who originally found this glitch:

  8. MSEyes says:

    Outro is all about the booty…..

  9. austin berry says:

    Wow great hack want to know it also works putting a pyramid on top of before your enemy

  10. Coreyminett100-C says:

    There’s a glitch you need to use the mime emote behind a wall and you will be glitched through it I’ve haven’t done it

  11. Pro Zombies says:

    I always buy stuff with your code but never record it I will the next time tho

  12. Mr-M Hacker says:

    Still love the outro 😀

  13. BlazeGamezTV says:

    Yoo dude check your twitter inbox I found a glitch for you in creative mode

  14. Renegade Not really says:

    I got banned from ps4 for 3 days

  15. Prateek Pradeep says:

    are u gattu's brother?

  16. invisible Gang says:

    I did it and I buyd stuff but I didn't clip it

  17. Madeleen Jooste says:

    Like this post for face reveal

  18. Team VurTex says:

    Is it possible take walls from the main island and bring them to my island

  19. Sragonstar og NorwayPlays Norsk Letsplay says:

    Beautiful glitch!! Lu

  20. Kayden Guevara says:

    Troll ninja ad me and I will show you a glitch my gamer tag is KayRay2772 I play on xbox1

  21. Benjamin Laschever says:

    TROLL SQUAD!!!!!!

  22. Zayn ali says:

    Troll Ninja XeE
    Please do gta5 glitches

  23. Zekko Ltd says:

    Hey Troll Ninja, I'm going to try out a theory for you. I'm going to check if autoclicker will get you banned. But just saying…

  24. ITA Theshark says:

    Or Place torrett and kill everyone

  25. ShayanTheMan says:

    Stupid af

  26. Raeed Ansar says:

    Best fortnite glitch channel

  27. ApleCuker says:

    You should do “Save a the World” Glitches, I think a lot of people would really appreciate that,.

  28. HNX-Arian says:

    Who need this?

  29. Lee Mcelhenney says:

    Dude. Stop saying “we’re back with some more fortnite glitch video” you talk as Stupid as your accent sounds.

  30. Gamer Kid says:

    Kinda useless but cool

  31. james the teenager says:

    yey i get to block my enemies from placing the most underrated building piece and it only cists a turret that they can easily destroy

  32. 101 rap misterk says:

    Make a vid how to get unlimited refunds

  33. King Blue says:


  34. Zair Abbas says:

    Your one of my favorite YouTubers

  35. Ninja_is_trash says:

    Ninja I found a way by my self to go back to the spawn island

  36. Doge's Tutorials says:

    fortnite is all about speed and strategy,if they trap themselves in a one by one i gurantee you will not have enough time to put down a wall,build up there,then place down a turret,they'd probably be gone by then

  37. Elijah Leath says:

    Make a anuther glitch video

  38. Luna Xz says:

    Finally A Turret Can Be Useful.

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