How GOOD was Ledian ACTUALLY? – History of Ledian in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 2-7)

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40 Responses

  1. Ellery dester says:


  2. Ellery dester says:


  3. Ellery dester says:


  4. Billy Evans says:

    WAIT !!! How good was ASH Actually lol

  5. ItJustMe 02 says:

    How good were fire types actually?

  6. Thomas Wiles says:

    pls do lugia

  7. Z. and K. White says:

    Can ledian actually learn those moves

  8. Javier Perez says:

    How good was Seviper's turn

  9. X_Wacker Wack says:

    What about hydreigon?

  10. X_Wacker Wack says:

    How good was Ariados

  11. Dylan Brashears says:

    Did we get an April Fools video early?

  12. Ken DiCienzo says:

    How good was Venomoth actually?

  13. PokemonLover17 says:

    How good was Delcatty actually

  14. DrewPicklesTheDark says:

    Has REgigigas been done yet? Do that one if not!!

  15. ThePexperte says:

    How GOOD was Latios ACTUALLY?

  16. ID IZ ME says:

    How good was Beedrill

  17. Flowey the Funposter says:

    Good shitpost, now hook me up with some Jirachi.

  18. shathin chittum says:

    I tried my hardest yo raise one.

  19. lil Kunt says:

    Ariados please!

  20. Xeno says:

    How GOOD was Omastar ACTUALLY?

  21. Scythes says:

    Thank god I somehow never queued into a player rocking this overpowered Pokémon!

  22. Danny Stuivenberg says:

    Ledian should be a new meme

  23. Melancholy says:

    How God was Arceus actually?

  24. Scooter says:

    I hope game freak sees this video and gives Ledian a mega evolution with these stats

  25. Mistral Timera says:

    How good was Eevee actually?

  26. gabi nicolau says:

    can we have how good kyogre was actually been?

  27. Soapy Beats says:

    Kingler man fucking Kingler what's with the lack of Kingler

  28. Mursu Studios Remixes says:

    How good was Emolga?

  29. Coby Ang says:

    How good was victreebell actually

  30. Luke Evans says:

    How good was giratina/giratina-O? im intersted in the ubers metagame

  31. Nathaniel Heimerl says:

    There's some real commitment here, making all the in-game footage be OHKOs lol

  32. Raymond Battles says:

    Delibird For Christmas????

  33. Jason Skywalker says:

    A level 100 Ledian could not beat Red's Pikachu, or at the very best they're both die at once

  34. Francias II says:

    How good was dusknoir?

  35. Supergunderman says:

    How good was that documentary on polar bears actually?

  36. Pokemaster Charlie says:

    My boy Heracross got nothing on this.

  37. DEATHNINJA64 says:

    this is great.

  38. Evanator Extreme says:

    How Good Was Infernape Actually? You’ve been doing a decent amount of Gen 4 Pokemon and/or Pokemon who gained Evolutions in Gen 4. I think it’s finally time! No I WILL not give up saying this until it happens.

  39. Bryan X says:

    And unsubscribed

  40. Eternal Beauty says:

    I'm disappointed that Ledian is terrible. It looks like such a cool pokemon in my opinion

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