History of BULLET CLUB Part 4: Civil War

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  1. Seba1805 says:

    Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Bad Luck Fale, Haku….. damn…that's one BADASS stable itself

  2. By Moltres says:

    I felt like I was watching a movie

  3. D-Repa slp says:

    Gun number 1!

  4. D-Repa slp says:


  5. Adelso Lopez says:

    That match at strong style evolved was incredible, and that save from ibushi on that superplex, good on him

  6. Cassius Felix says:

    Who the fuck is the elite when I hear that line I was like wow does anyone remember that moment

  7. Cassius Felix says:

    Thank you wwe for not treating him like the star he is

  8. Cassius Felix says:

    Cody is great

  9. realthundercat17 says:

    This is when the elite ruines njpw

  10. Hector M says:

    Tama vs Omega would've been great for the Title

  11. Dark Naitō Uchiwa says:

    Super vidéo, j'attends avec impatience la partie 5, i love the Firing Squad

  12. Mr Brocoli says:

    Tanga Loa sucks so bad

  13. Vipul Doshi says:

    this is gonna piss people off.. as strong as the bullet club is right now, imo, its never been as irrelavent as it is now

  14. Kevin Deering says:

    Civil war ruined bc

  15. SPLASH GAMES says:


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  16. Fred1022 says:

    Anyone else think it's kinda weird that the elite put the name of their group into the name of their promotion? Are all wrestlers who wrestle for them elite as well? If so what makes them special?

  17. Tanmay Yadav says:

    3:13 was that a pun??

  18. Colonel Kenpachi says:

    The worst era of BC this stupid fiasco.

  19. Zenpool says:

    Is it just me, or does NJPW know how to stretch a story? I mean for a yr and some change Tama has had an issue with sub groups within bullet club and down the line Firing Squad was formed. Can't wait for part 5 Cut Throat Era.

  20. v1per187 says:

    Bring on Part 5 and the Switchblade Era! PS – Adam Cole was largely glossed over in this series.

  21. Celso Fidalgo says:

    Showbuckle videos >>>>

  22. Tran Chuong says:

    Bullet Club History Part 5: Leaving NJPW =)))))

  23. Antonio Ciro says:


  24. MV 96 says:

    When part 5?

  25. snake snake says:

    Kenny I love you

  26. ygnightkid says:

    Is Omega the new Sting? Why is Styles going heel? Will we soon hear Devil’s Sky blast through our tv on a Monday/Tuesday night? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

  27. Andrea Grossi says:

    Part 5 The Jay White ERA

  28. Steven Maxwell Tan says:

    Most wasted storyline of 2018. We never got proper closure to BCOG Vs BC Elite

  29. Vaas Montenegro says:

    We were that close… THAT CLOSE… to have a tag-team match with the winner will get a complete control of the Bullet Club.

  30. F3aR_Uchiha23 says:


  31. Jeff andrade says:

    That’s why everyone left

  32. Marcus Landsberg says:

    I have a strong feeling at some point after All In the Elite told management what (generally) there plan was. They don't really ever win again after that – they also don't ever put over the civil war. They just ignore the split, and announce on a cruise without NJPW press not to include them in Bullet Club any more. The elite decided there wouldn't be a pay off.

  33. eder rodriguez says:


  34. r1d166y says:

    I breathe with the switchblade

  35. Moe Fahmi says:

    Why did Kenny have to leave 🙁

  36. r1d166y says:

    Thank god for BCOGs

  37. Jerin Kp says:

    Can anyone tell me which is the song at the starting of the video

  38. Kevin Wilkes says:

    What the hell was Haku’s problem?!

  39. Ros Lee says:

    I just relooked golden lovers reunite was very overrated

  40. Critical Sting says:

    Ain't nobody realer than guerilla

  41. Critical Sting says:

    Who was the original bone soldier?

  42. Josh Waldorf says:

    The infighting reminded me of WCW Hollywood and Wolfpack.

  43. KogashiwaKai says:

    I was at the cow palace show

    When tama attacked the elite i went

    and then he attacked yujiro and chase and went "TAMA WHY?!"

    and then they beat up the elite more and went "GET EM TAMA!"

  44. Hezekiah Thomas says:

    Cutthroat era has begun

  45. Masked Assassin says:

    NJPW creative team has Beautiful storytelling abilities. The continuity, the sincere regard towards fans intelligence and their booking is all perfect. I don't care what WWE does or what AEW will do, NJPW will always be my favourite promotion.

  46. Smiling Jojo says:

    Best Era

    1. Too sweet days (Devitt)
    2. Cut Throat era (White w/ Tama Tonga)
    3. The Phenomenal era (Styles)
    4. The Elite era (Omega)

    Kenny is one of the greatest wrestlers no doubt but he's the worst BC leader of all time for me.

  47. TheRazmereShow says:

    And just like the nWo, Bullet Club got too big and ended up splitting into sub stables (Wolf Pack ringing any bells?) and started feuding with ITSELF till it was faded away into nothing.

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