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  1. victor castle says:

    I have noticed on the show, that the most experienced , men especially are put in the worst possible locations, compared to the others. Any way that is how it appears to be.

  2. BigBoy OnTheRadio says:

    I subbed your channel (under a different account) years ago and was obsessed with your video content. big fan. I just happened to catch this show airing and recognized you, almost peed myself in excitement. it was a pleasure to watch, you created some really artistically intimate moments with your cameras that were pure eye candy man. the scene when you're charring the cedar tinder gave me chills, I felt like I was there with you, at one time, maybe in another life.
    anyways, thanks for what you do.

  3. Michele Sheets says:

    A man of few words. You are awesome!

  4. Uno Who says:

    Thanks for the video! I would like to point out that there is one most important survival skill ( In my opinion) and clearly Allan proved it; and that is knowing what is edible in the region you're in. The number one survival goal always is staying alive and that means finding food There is always so many more plants and roots that are edible than you ever see on this show. Liked and subbed.

  5. saucy sociopath says:

    Hi there. what about traping animal's? Any law restrictions, forbidden traps/animal to cath??

  6. ten22crew says:

    I seen the show great job Mitch

  7. Zach Yule says:

    In the show you said your mom was sick , did she get better? Had you not had that huge problem do u think you could have won?

  8. woodcraft camper says:

    well said, i wouldn't make it long in that scenario. now with a decent group with different strengths i could go for it. plus without limits on what gear i could bring.

  9. Kalasag at Kampilan says:

    Do they welcome participants from other parts of the world?

  10. Mike George says:

    I should also have pointed out the legal restrictions on what could be considered "game". You can't eat it if the law won't allow it.The lesson heres is "Don't let some TV channel put you in a spot like this unless they are paying you a LOT of money."

  11. Mike George says:

    The fact is that survival skills and "homesteading" skills aren't the same thing. Normally, one in a "survival" situation is trying to maintain their body temp, stay hydrated and fed until they find their way out or are rescued.That's completely different than trying to live off the land long term. Not all of the contestants on the show are expert hunters or fishermen. Your can see that, right? I see that the TV watching public has no clue about this stuff and I doubt the History channel does either…though they probably wouldn't care anyway.The public absolutely ate up all the grown men (survival experts all) crying about how lonely they were. That's the selling point.They wouldn't let somebody like me on the show because I need meat. I would have eaten the bears, the seagulls and whatever else was around and looked tasty. Ladies and gents, this is television!

  12. Patrick Germond says:

    That show was the best piece of bushcraft put together yet. You gave the world something great. Thank you.

  13. sped66 says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your participation on Alone. I was rooting for you, but totally understood when you tapped. If it weren't for the circumstances, I think you might've lasted till the end. Best wishes to you & yours.

  14. bleebleeblahblah says:

    thank you for these videos

  15. ЛЕСНЫЕ says:

    Oh.. I looked alone, season 1. You're really good man, strong, honest and skillful. What about 2 season? When it starts? Will you be there?

  16. Rick Jewell says:

    how was the batteries for the camera charged?

  17. R. L. says:

    i really liked this guy on Alone and i thought he was gonna win.

  18. The Wooded Beardsman says:

    Is being on ALONE similar to being in solitary confinement? I did my own trial, and when I looked back and did some research, found that the way I felt was similar to those who have been in solitary. Thoughts?

  19. ouchymytoe says:

    One thing that occurred to me was that if one of the contestants HAD killed a bear and processed the meat (hypothetically), they would have had food for months. (Bear was a common food source for early western settlers.) Lack of food seemed to be a major factor for those who lasted longer than a month. Would this have been a viable solution? More particularly, were there any laws governing the taking of bears for meat? Honestly, I don't think it would have been a great solution since the bears fed on a lot of fish (leading to fishy bear meat), killing a bear cleanly would be VERY difficult, and preserving the meat would have also been quite difficult, but I have to assume that native populations of yesteryear would have HAD to depend on bear meat to support a moderate-sized population. Your thoughts?

  20. Sharon King says:

    after watching this season, it seems that the biggest 'enemy' was being separated from family members.  When you wasn't filming, how did you keep your mind busy?

  21. Robert Edwards says:

    Your a badass Mitch, love following you brother. Keep rocking, Godspeed Cpl. Ed ( Army ret.)

  22. YomatsuShimano says:

    Hey Mitch, just finished Alone. Just wanted to say I think your time on the show was a success. To me, it appeared that you could have stayed as long as you needed to. When it boils down to it, you will always have the chance to practice wilderness survival and push yourself. You will always have the chance to make money, and be successful. But the most expensive thing in the entire universe as we know it is time. Time is something that we just can't buy. We can't change it. In my opinion, if you hadn't tapped out when you did, the whole journey would have been a failure, because you would have chosen a sliver of your life over an astronomical amount of your mothers time. I personally am happy with how the show turned out. From the first episode, you, Alan, Sam, and Lucas were instantly my favorites, not because of how well you were doing, but because you all had something inside of you that I look up to and aspire to acquire for myself. Thank-you for doing all you have done, with this channel, and with the show. On the bright side, we both live in Massachusetts so I know that there's plenty of opportunity for you to go back out into the wild and survive for a while. Anyways, maybe Ill see ya around. In the mean time, stay positive bud. It makes all the difference!

  23. willdotjojo says:

    How did the cameras last like 40 days?

  24. Chuck's Apartment says:

    mistakes or failure is hard to admit =)

  25. Dreoilín the Didactic Dinkum The Wren says:

    If I wasn't a stay at home father being the primary care taker of my three sons I would try for the show. Sadly I'm not in a position to leave. Family is way more important.

  26. HNX Media says:

    Reminds me of experiences I have had being overseas. Sometime you just come back from these types of things "changed." You simply cannot explain it to anyone who hasn't experienced it. They will just never "know." Peace, Mitch.

  27. CBGMaker says:

    I would say, the most important thing to know, is your self. Know your strong points, and your limits. The good, and the bad. Be honest with yourself. Knowing your strong, and weak points gives you a foundation to work with, to strengthen your weakest areas. Dirt time, practice, and persistence now, pays off later, when you really need it.. To be a professional at anything, you must live, eat, and breath the subject.

  28. Native Survival says:

    +Isiah Laughard – 1 sub… i had a few subs just from commenting on vids before i even made my first vid, then i told my closest real life friends i was making vids soon so they subbed, i had like 200 fiends on youtube when i posted my first vid, i sent each one a pm saying it would be the only time i ever tell them by pm that i posted a vid but was just letting them know if they wanted to check it out. I still rememer my friend sean the silverfox's pm reply "an original vid, well done" I had 2k subs by my 2nd or 3rd vid. Went from there, that was 500 vids ago, 90k subs ago and 5yrs ago. Goodluck Isiah hope this helps.

  29. Pappy says:

    i can just imagine how you must have felt while you were there.it had to be one of the greatest experiences of your life. i would love to give it a go. the range of what you were feeling must have been enormous, even overwhelming. to me, to be allowed to do that,would be like one of the greatest adventures of my life. i thought you did very well and took the only course of action open to you when you came home.

  30. Ted Palmer says:

    love ya young brother…

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