GSM Update 12/4/18 – 50 States Below Freezing & 49 With Snow – Comet 46P – The Clovis Comet Impact

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  1. Yah is my King says:

    Hey where is the link to your graph? In the beginning?

  2. Frankie Rutherford says:

    I just never put it together brother he he

  3. Frankie Rutherford says:

    Is that you Diamond? I’m thinking you an Rex are buddy’s. I knew it

  4. Ja Cur says:

    Now the planet needs a fantastic blow hard to steer the rock from hitting the earth, come on Al Gore get it up!

  5. Theo Schutz says:

    Yes and NASA can steer an asteroid. They can divert it…mmmmmmmmmm

  6. Jenny Sides- Briggs says:

    Gabriel’s …..Uranus!!!!! Epic. Touch that crystal Gabriel. You are my favorite dude

  7. Jenny Sides- Briggs says:

    I found my new weather channel today. Love this guy! Not just weather but really science and practical facts to help the listener get back to source! The Source. Thanks my brother! Hope we can keep the lights on here in Tn! I need my grand solar minimum update!

  8. Honorable Pawn says:

    Liar. It is in the mid 60's here in Florida at almost 11 a.m. it will reach the low 70's by mid day. Completely normal day. It hasn't been too cold or too hot in many years. Give it up, Retards.

  9. Patricia Badeau says:


  10. Sage Sid says:

    Typical meeting of the FDA Franken food producer #1 we just added a preservative that will extend our shelf life another 2 weeks but it causes gastric distress. Pharmaceutical producer #1 says "We have been working on a drug that will shut down the acid producing pumps. We'll call this acid reflux disease and we have a cure for this." I was on Omeprazole for years if you can remove the GMO shit and chemical cocktail processed foods from your diet your stomach will thank you, and the money you save not needing the pills go out and get yourself a nice fat sack of weed and relax.

  11. Amber LeNoue says:

    I'll b there at leak con. Have ticket and hotel paid for!

  12. Robbi Campbell says:

    Organic does not mean that it is gmo free. It has to have a gmo free sticker and be labeled organic. Home grown best.

  13. The Watchman says:

    Your stream sneezed when you said sneeze, lol 1:48

  14. Robbi Campbell says:

    @ 9:45 PM MST in Jackson, Wyoming it was 5 degrees when I took my dog for a walkies. Trying out my vest + mammoth hoody down coat, swany mittens, sheep skin knee high boots. I was only out for about 5 minuets or so. Was doing pretty darn good just a tiny bit of cold seeping in but I did not expect that. Turned around headed in. In 5 minuets, only 5 minutes the temp dropped to 1 degrees. How could it drop so quickly? Skies are clear. Orion is about 5 degrees further north since yesterday as a shooting star flew over my head moving due north. It is predicted to be -5 to -8 degrees in the am. Negative numbers are usually in January and February. A little early this year. Snow is crunchy. Avalanche caught 5 skiers ⛷ on Sunday 12 inches + 7 inches new snow ❄️ all lived @ Jackson Hole Mountain Resort @ Thunder lift.

  15. Xenomoly Bloom says:

    This guy is a nut but I love online conspiracy theories.

  16. Paid Piper says:

    Boom! Telling it like it's real

  17. Scott B says:

    "Don't eat the yellow snow". Frank Zappa

  18. Joe Wilson says:

    You can find the wood fired water/antifreeze or oil heating system that will heat your home. The wood heater is outside and the heat exchanger is in the same place as your furnace .

  19. TROY J GADBOIS says:

    Subzero temps and extreme winter weather is "normal" to native Mnsotans. Its all in a day's work, not even worth mentioning.

  20. Joe Wilson says:

    Aquaponics gardening will work in the most coldest weather to the hottest weather and it has been proven . Do you know anything about this system if so tell us how much it works for you .

  21. Wendy Roman says:

    It is colder than a billy goats nose here in Washington State!

  22. Joe Wilson says:

    With the solar minimum and the uptick in volcanic activity we are going into an even colder temperatures that will last for a long time . By next winter there will be a very short spring and summer with an even shorter fall .

  23. Neal Swanson says:

    I love the fucking cold, bring it on

  24. Joe Wilson says:

    Anyone for a swim in the snow and ice ? I wonder how many of the lakes and rivers have started to freeze over ?

  25. Lea Davis says:

    We grow for fuel in this country not food,! Acres and acres are dedicated to gmo corn for ethanol and the rest is put into GMO soybeans.

  26. Joe Wilson says:

    Boy is that global warming doing so well with the colder temperatures in the northern hemisphere . Wow I better get out the sun screen and my bathing suit and head to the lake for a good swim .

  27. The Unindicted Coconspirator says:

    Little under 20° in eastern Washington state at night and hovering around freezing during the day. Heavy overnight fog that freezes to everything. Pretty much the same weather I've experienced for around 50 years.

  28. Fox250R says:

    Ok so I live in Portland Oregon, should I be worried ?

  29. Solani Someni says:

    Why the H*LL would they want to copy the effects of a major volcanic eruption to cool the sun??? F*cking idiot!!! Gates and Al can go pound sand!!! Preferably stranded in a place far far away from anywhere, where they can cause more shite than they already have! The volcanoes are increasing in activity as it is, just wait! Mother earth will take care of that on her own, without help from incompetent and greedy twits! Shite WILL happen on it's own!! This P*sses me off soooooo much. Man-made climate change, MY A**!! Just ONE major volcanic eruption releases more crap than ALL the industrial crap combined, that has been spewing out shite since the industrial beginnings! And that is just ONE eruption… How many do we have erupting daily?? Several… ??

    Prepped as much as we can both for ourselves and those "close neighbors and friends" we know will be showing up. Now topping off my/our preps with everything our animals can/will need as well as buying everything I can afford from second hand stores when it comes bedding, clothes of all sizes, shoes, boots, winter clothes. Can't prep for everything, as no one will know exactly what will happen but, doing what we can and being mentally prepared for stuff to go sideways…. 300 acres off-grid surrounded by miles and miles of Crown land here in Canada. We have room for those we trust and whomever else is deemed needing, trustworthy and willing to share the workload in whatever way they can.

  30. Larry Hawkins says:

    yes!!!!!!!, now maybe Santa can land this year. he hasn't been able to land apparently for years.

  31. Tom Butthurt says:

    Wine n condoms

  32. Tom Butthurt says:

    So much humidity in the air since last year

  33. Tom Butthurt says:

    Methyl mercury in the acid rain

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