GSM Update 12/1/18 – 7.0 Mag Alaska Quake *No Tsunami – Another “Blizzard” Coming – Records Tumble

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24 Responses

  1. Beer Expert 420 says:

    Damn I should of bought Frostpunk on the last steam sale.

  2. Gypsi Minion says:

    Got some snow here in Pud Moines but none stayed. Wind is driving me nuts dogs haven't been to park for 2 days. So glad lighter wind tom. Colder but we can handle cold not wind.

  3. lmwrt says:

    I´d love to see news about Al Gore and the likes of him being arrested and convicted for public misleading and spreading of blunt lies, as science is always evolving and never settled, much less settled by corrupt political decrete, and that means that the present state of scientific knowledge, is not enough to allow humans to medle with nature and try to modify it. Settled science is regression in human wisdom.

  4. Tiger. says:

    Heavy with snow melts faster it warms up faster to

  5. Craig Adams says:

    two feet of snow at willamette pass, here in oregon at 4700 feet in the last two days

  6. Jinny Roach says:

    Meanwhile in Australia 37 with no rain, weird skies as usual, wondering what will happen here, somethings creeping up!

  7. S Covey says:

    I guess you cannot announce going to such places as Monument Valley ahead of going.

  8. S Covey says:

    Calcium Carbonate is not baking soda. That would be sodium bicarbonate.

  9. John D says:

    Why do the Global Warming guys always hold their conferences in the winter during a blizzard.

  10. linda caldwell says:

    Love you guys, be safe….

  11. mike hill says:

    Rehab boom

  12. Rebel Studio says:

    No matter what. The truth always gets out. ALWAYS!

  13. Jerry Barr says:

    Yep, now they can take credit for the earth cooling off and saving humanity. Great plan huh?

  14. Chris Van Bekkum says:

    Your rambling is about as bad as a canned voice.

  15. Rebel Studio says:

    Those that do evil "immoral" acts are order followers. Cult members. Violent people.They do not think for themselves and question what they are doing. They follow orders like dogs. Order followers have a ruler/master. Order followers are slaves/minions. DEMONS. TOOLS.

  16. Rebel Studio says:

    No cars either.

  17. Rebel Studio says:

    George H.W Busch died.

  18. Caldwell Kelley says:

    Super Thanks, Diamond! Snow in the mountains of Tucson and more expected tonight!

  19. sandra burke says:

    After baking soda then what vinegar and say oh boy a volcano erupted!

  20. sandra burke says:

    Manatee bones are ivory,I wonder who is doing the harvest. Most are not aware of this,hard to find in books. If known they will be poaching faster than they can freeze in the water.

  21. sandra burke says:

    Everybody needs to dump their driveway snow in Gores driveway. States being Gored with snow again!

  22. Archon Stromkirk says:

    Well I best better prepare for school closings here in the Ozarks by the 10th.

  23. Hidden Harvest Grow Lights says:

    Thanks Diamond!

  24. linda caldwell says:

    Love that flute Mr Boombastic!!!

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