Full Contact Sword Fighting -WARNING GRAPHIC-

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35 Responses

  1. Paddles Paddles says:

    DILLY DILLY!!!!!

  2. mongol says:

    Arenas are to small

  3. Yuyu says:

    This is easly one of the most retarded think iv ever seen

  4. wsdpii says:

    Bannerlord is looking great

  5. Victor Gavloski says:

    Jesus loves you my friends!!

  6. Alexander Hernandez says:

    I like it. But I personally would like to see some formation attacks. Some sort of leadership. And spears. Lol

  7. SPoiLed GamIng says:

    I'd be that one guy who stays at the back and fight like a one man army…

  8. Wes 76 says:

    Unless you use a mace or hammer with plate mail Im not impressed.

  9. Chad Chill says:

    5:21 they need some home and away jerseys

  10. Xam S says:

    France, décembre 2018.

  11. Christian DeYoung says:

    What a bunch of nerds

  12. DANNY says:

    Great you next we can get a couple Up Next Level games sanctioned somewhere like running man, gamer,

  13. No Ri Ru says:

    Most stupid way to get brain damage …

  14. Finrod says:

    Hej ten moderátor mě celou dobu dostává 🙂

  15. SolarXclipse says:

    How exactly does this sport work and how can I participate lol

  16. granny brakewind says:

    I wish the arena was bigger

  17. Jay Malagon says:

    Everything is medieval except for that one no smoking sign in the background in the beginning

  18. Michayah J Walker says:

    How do you know who wins

  19. the_souless_gamer next_door says:


  20. *ReadsName* says:

    Jesus imagine how awkward the real fights where lmao

  21. seth jones says:

    How much u get paid for this

  22. JEREMY 34 says:

    Como no sé chingan a si a mis maestro

  23. General Button says:

    Olympics < Battle of Nations

    Real math people!

  24. Ricardo Amado says:

    Omg…I was laughing so hard cause look how dumb those fights were back in the day ? They had no space to move around….lol

  25. Julius Morgan says:

    All I see are a bunch of cheap shots lol

  26. QWERTYA. says:

    This describes how black Friday in US

  27. MidnightSPCTR says:

    This is beautiful

  28. Aaron COELHO-IRANI says:

    They should induct the Australians, we'd show them how it's done

  29. Do you have Lämps Bröther says:


  30. PringlesKing William says:

    Those fuzzy Europeans are having fun without us!

  31. Un4Fn Vectarn says:

    How do they get eleminated by falling?

  32. Mitchell Vena says:

    damn Gregor Clegane coming in at 17:50

  33. Eirik Van Celebes says:

    Faedahnya apa coba?

  34. Commander Fadds says:

    I cant believe they let them swing metal polearms at eachother, how is this legal?

  35. Ali A says:

    For Honor

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