DSP – A History Of GTA Fails And Rage

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  1. Mighty D says:

    With DSP returning to GTA 3 here are some clips of his problematic playthroughs from 2012 onwards. Sorry if you don't like the Mr Metorkur clip at the end. I always found it funny but respect everyone's different opinion.

  2. Guy Cecil says:

    He'll NEVER get past the Red Baron missions..without extreme help.

  3. R3V says:

    I truly believe Phil has high functioning autism at this point. That or he’s just stupid as fuck.

  4. Laser Mayonnaiser says:

    "I took one step and failed the mission!"

  5. Paul J. Brazzle Jr. says:

    Ahhhhhh, autism at it's best ….

  6. Abe Banerman says:

    How can anyone tolerate this man's presence

  7. Adrian Triana H says:

    I miss when Phil get angry at videogames like crazy, now Phil is so bored that no even tihydp can help

  8. Morbius The Menace says:

    I'm still baffled why people give him money…

  9. Denis S says:

    Remember when he tried to convince people that he was just playing a character like the AVGN? "Guys, I can be good at video games if I want to"

    Yeah, when you start streaming gameplay and ban everyone who says "haha you suck" people tend to figure out the truth.

  10. biggtexaz says:

    I liked when he layed two grenades at his feet and then got mad at the game when he died. He has literal dogshit for brains.

  11. TokenFanatic says:

    Yep…the cawnsole just lahcked uhp…

  12. John Thicc says:

    Even my dad is better at gta than he is

  13. Robert Ulibarri - 黒心の子 says:

    Yo for real DSP is INFINITELY worse than WingsofRedemption. I’ve never seen a more toxic streamer. He blows Wings out of the water, it’s erroneous to compare the two, and at least wings sort of had a reason to ebeg but DSP is an absolutely healthy able bodied young man who has no excuse for his behavior nor his ebegging. I’m new to DSP and every video I watch blows my mind, I didn’t think this level of superfluous toxicity existed but….it does….

  14. Joffrey Legrand says:

    He's even awful at GTA? Didn't thought he was this bad.

  15. Andrew N says:

    Hey guys… i think… yep. His game is in fact frozen.

  16. Brandrider1989 says:

    it does whatever it wants… ummm phil… nah you just suck at gaming. loll.. if you're supposed to be controling it and it moves…. you're the one making it move.. so yes you did it. grow up… realize you suck at gaming and get a real job

  17. FullBenderTV says:

    Did u hear that his game is Frozen?

  18. PinkRibbonScars11 says:

    Back when Phil use to actually be funny at times

  19. Tyler Martin says:

    To be fair, Supply Lines is the fucking worst!

  20. 2445ace says:

    So that's where a sjc got his clips thank mighty d now i know. Also i never failed the mission

  21. punk640 says:

    Lmao that intro

  22. Conor Cunningham says:

    6:57 lmao the chewbacca noise in the "what the fuck"

  23. Frank Pastrana says:

    Metokur clip was my all time favorite lmao

  24. Demonic Zebra says:

    8:54 oh my god I’ve never seen anyone die here before

  25. Puppy Monkey Baby says:

    WHAT!? I never mailed the fission!

  26. crossline zero says:

    1:51 lmfao

  27. iTsZackieHD Zack says:

    I really like your videos brother thanks for the khantent

  28. Inzanexx715 says:

    Good call on adding the music in the video. Hopefully it helps stops companies picking up and taking down the video because of the music in Dave’s videos.

  29. Jacob Xiao Long says:

    someone really must give DSPGaming GTA Chinatown Wars, his raging would be hilarious!!!!

  30. Jordan Wolfson says:

    Isn't this the kid from Greatest freakout ever?

  31. hecking furre says:

    What the fuck did he think was going to happen? He consciously ran straight into the fucking car.

  32. Kaumak says:

    Okay tbf that Zero mission is dreadful, even David Cross agrees!

  33. Xehanort10 says:

    2:18 The only girl you'll ever hit Phil.

  34. juju mgroo says:

    whhhiytte haaaaarrrrrrttt pharpularrridddyyy

  35. John Doe says:

    First time hearing about Mr Metokur… I liked him

  36. Oldenvye6432 says:


  37. Messy Barresi says:

    He sounds like michael from rooster teeth aka rage quit

  38. ikas_ando says:

    That Metokur commentary was on point!! Perfect observations on the retardation that IS Phillip Burnell. The snorting, the excuses, the shit game play. Metokur has me laughing, Phillip has me cringing. Fast forward to 2019 and its 1000x more shit with begging dlc included.

  39. Masticina Akicta says:

    Why does he keeps returning to these games.
    Oh right, they are relative lazy games, and he is lazy!

  40. corrion1 says:

    dsp has got to be one of the worst gamers ever unleashed on humanity,even a head on a stick with no arms or legs would play better than phil

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