Breaking Vegas Documentary: The True Story of The MIT Blackjack Team

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  1. Joel Palmer says:

    This is the oldest scam in gambling! You need a sucker "investor", let me play your money we;ll share the winnings. Problem is you need a new sucker time after time. You also have the problem of rare but usually extended losing streaks which will break even the largest bankroll.

  2. Faburn says:

    It’s not “gambling “ at all. It’s not “chance”. Do it with the stock market. Make a B note. Then sit back and watch Youtube. The lesson here is that the ONLY REASON that the state allows casino’s their windy- ass crap is that the casinos are greasing them as well. It’s called taxes, but you may recognize it as just part of the take. I not joking this time. Ludicrous? At least. Legal? If we say so. We live in the era of a momentary God. People, CASINOS HAVE NEVER BEEN 100% CHANCE. NEV-ER!

  3. Micheal Williamson says:

    From my point of view the management should have treated it like any other business they should have constantly be looking for new talent and firing anybody that got too far out of line that way they can keep their large profits and everybody else wood knuckle under

  4. BLUEGENE13 says:

    "your play is too good for us, we need you to go somewhere else" the casinos are disgusting, and those investigators that protect them are just as bad. Their whole game is scamming people out of money, and the one time they play some people that might be able to win they lose their minds. I hate these casinos owners.

  5. BLUEGENE13 says:

    those people at "griffin investigation" are the worst kind of rats. They work for a living protecting people that basically scam normal people out of lots of their money (the casinos).

  6. Paul Bailey says:

    1 problem ….egos

  7. Adam Love says:

    I used to tip the dealers, but I stopped, because I found out they are bunch of snakes and don't deserve a penny

  8. G Thomas says:

    The BEST way to beat the casinos is to not show up.

  9. Smug Smugly says:

    Did anyone else think the part about the monkey hanging itself was really weird?

  10. Oilforbeard says:

    I'm not allowed in any California casino's. Retired in Texas now.

  11. Bum Booz says:

    I believe Katie and Semyon fornicated while trying to break las vegas.

  12. Bum Booz says:

    So basically, only dumb people are allowed to gamble in casinos since they don;t allow you to use your intelligence. hmmm, makes sense,

  13. PartyPartyPartyNow says:

    800,000 x .1 / 10 players
    oh yeah, players were making a lot

  14. Hortencia Moreno says:

    Mr. M sounds like an Asperger adult.

  15. kai russell says:

    Smart people, yet they define themselves using only the couple boxes given by society. By calling yourself a " geek ", or a " nerd " you just ostracise yourself. If you dont know about something you study it right? So why not take the minimal amount of time it takes to study social behavior and put it into action. In high school I played dungeons and dragons, magic the gathering, had the part time hobby of robotics, and a bunch of other dorky or nerdy stuff. I just didn't define myself as a dork or nerd and i didn't ostracise myself. I didn't start out awkward but I had friends that did. Other people who defined themselves as " dorks " or nerds. I still was friends with all the " popular kids ", got the attention of most of the attractive girls in highschool. I took a couple of my " dorky " friends introduced them to the " popular kids " and as long as they didn't shoot themselves in the foot they were fine. You dont have to limit yourself. You've probably have been given a brain and the skill of learning easily if you call yourself a dork or nerd. You make yourself an outcast. You tell yourself all the time you can fit in but you can. Just look into it, apply what you learn like anything else. Little late for this tip because nowadays the nerd is " hip ". This sorta applies to most of societies boxes though. We need to learn to define ourselves…

  16. Paolo Lombardo says:

    For those who dont know Mr. M is Allen Kessler

  17. kl. johnny says:

    Blackjack – a fool's game! – The First Advantage to the house/casino – U/customer draw ur cards FIRST, n if u bust, i/the house don't need to draw any cards! But if u don't bust, i/the house hv the Second Advantage of drawing cards to beat ur hand!

  18. Jason Borne says:

    This is old, old, old..

    Hardly anyone is running BJ teams anymore because Blackjack is a dying
    game on its last legs. CSM (continuous shuffle machines) and 6:5 payoffs
    on BJ, etc. kill card counting. Yes, they still have shoe games but the rules aren't what I'd consider "Vegas" anymore and the betting minimums are high.
    In addition, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut the shoe in half. Bad rules alone kill any Blackjack game, let alone CSM's and cut-card depth.

    Google "vegas sucks 2018" and you'll see.

    Can't be done today. The casinos got tired of losing money to teams and
    simply changed the game. They target the weekend tourists who don't care
    about losing their money. They no longer want tough gamblers. They want
    bad games, bad rules, and easy money.

    Take it or leave it because that's what the casinos are offering. That's
    their attitude today.

    Vegas is nothing but a tourist trap in 2018 and for suckers. Beggars everywhere and poverty. Shitty place with greedy casinos in bed with the county and gov't.

    Vegas in 2018 is a mug's game.

  19. volcano hi says:

    those mit dummies are total losers, there are better ways to earn money if you are smart.

  20. volcano hi says:

    casino security is strong until you bring 20 rifles to your comped room and murder a concert full of people.

  21. Jerry Lynch says:

    If I'm in a casino gambling, no motherfucker is taking me anyplace without an arrest warrant. PERIOD!

  22. Jerry Lynch says:

    If I learn a skill (legal) that enables me to win, then I win, and the casino is just fucked in my opinion.

  23. Wayne Noonan says:

    What’s up with the dealer taking a chip of the top in the video at 53.35 seconds anyone got a answer

  24. Q uantum says:

    Where there are inefficiencies there will be people who profit from them.

  25. Davned says:

    Here is something you can all feel good about: Griffin Investigations is now out of business. While cheering for any business to go belly up is something that should be discouraged, they took too much pride in libeling skillful players as cheaters for me to feel sorry for them.

  26. Victory Iscca says:

    Crazy it’s Late am Goin to sleep – didn’t they Make a Blockbuster Movie on this few years ago 2015-18 ???

  27. jatin sharma says:

    I wana learn how the card counting

  28. Dgotlengthonit says:

    I'm not really sure how this illegal. That is why I don't participate in casinos. How can it be illegal to figure out how to beat a game? Means I'm definitely supposed to lose. Why participate? They bet most people are too dumb to realize or care….house wins again.

  29. John Bodnar says:

    The house wins.

  30. Josephus Mutzenbacher says:

    So… Mr. Anderson, eh? Where is Agent Smith when you need em?

  31. BigBollocks says:

    Love it. Money over brains. Then they bar you forever. Bastards.

  32. Randy G says:

    This is to the Professor that was a bitch move . You made a lot off your players so who gives a shit if he goes off by himself .

  33. Joey Dunlop says:

    Counting is simplistic. Stanford Wong wrote wildly about it. Not some huge mathematical scheme. Easy, when the count is high (more high cards left in the shoe) you bet big. If it's a 6 deck shoe… you divide the running count by 6 or what u estimate is the remaining number of decks left.

  34. John Bailey says:

    The same people that control the financial system, control Hollywood, and dominate our government, also own the casinos,, and people are surprised that they fucking cheat literally…

  35. Mietesh mit says:

    This is pure genius work and nothing illegal..fuck these casino owners

  36. P. ARTHUR RILEY says:

    The gaming industry in Las Vegas provides enormous benefits to the state and local governments of Clark County and the state of Nevada; billions in infrastructure, sales, room and employment, taxes and jobs. These benefits give them clout with local officials.

    However, the casino operations are regulated private enterprises who offer gambling opportunities to the public which they have intentionally structured to generate profits or negative expectation. But inherent in the casino's structure must be a possibility of loss, i.e. winning by players. The MIT team devised a system of strategies which identified and exploited the required loss possibilities within the casino's structure.

  37. whistlerdaver says:

    Was the janitor Matt Damon?

  38. Bretzky says:

    First and only team these nerds will ever be apart of lol.

  39. J Jones says:

    Anybody get on the Russians website? Review?

  40. drew donham says:

    doesnt sound like they made alot of money tho? 888,000 split up between 30 people is like 30k per person, and i bet mr. m got more? they just had fun being treated like royalty in vegas but they didnt make shit?

  41. Damien O Callaghan says:

    So they can not be that intelligent after all

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