Battle of Savo Island 1942: America’s Worst Naval Defeat

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  1. Montemayor says:

    Corrections: I Stated audibly and incorrectly various Australian ships with 'USS' beforehand. my mistake, although I show that it's the HMAS Australia it must have slipped my mind during recording to actually say it. I apologize if my mistake makes it seem like I was trying to take away the credit from the Australians or overshadow them in some way. This is all a one man job guys, mistakes happen and I had never noticed it until now…
    Also, I should have stated Allied losses, not American.
    and it's "GudaLcanal", yes i know. lil typos i missed during the final editing phase.

  2. DataWaveTaGo says:

    Montemayor – Great work again!
    I have read books & watched documentaries which stated the U-Boat operation Drumbeat along America's east coast as being America's worst navel defeat. Does Drumbeat not count?

  3. Bulletproof Samurai says:

    And thus bukkake was invented

  4. Shimpoo Pimpoo says:

    poor Jarvis

  5. Joey G says:

    Looks like USS S-44 (one of the US subs) sunk the Kako near Savo at the end of this battle. I think all of the rest of the IJN vessels in this battle met their destruction later on in the war, by 1944 I think all of the IJN boats involved here had been sunk or damaged badly enough they couldn't continue.. As to why Mr. Mikawa decided to withdraw, he trusted that Japan would win with later attacks and that he didn't need to get greedy. If you sneak into enemy territory and score some hits, you feel uneasy about pressing your luck any further, take the victory and move on. They consistently underestimated the US resolve and stubbornness.

  6. Robert Dawson says:

    Guadalcanal is where the two navy’s surface warships first met met within naval artillery and torpedo range. Excluding early war total allied losses of which we had no retained experience to learn from. So don’t be too hard on the American Admirals. It was a steep and lethal learning curve! The off of Guadalcanal defended the Marines and kept them supplied at tremendous loss of ships and sailors. And eventually won

  7. jayde1708 says:

    lol,     didn't realise I put the same comment in here 10 months ago,  sorry for the repeat

  8. jayde1708 says:

    The American Navy thought so highly of the actions the HMAS Canberra that they renamed one of their own cruisers under construction after her.  When I first saw USS Canberra mentioned later in the war I thought it was a typical error.  After all wasn't it "just America" in the Pacific.   The USS Canberra was the only ship named after a ship or city of another country.  In 1995 (?) the ship's bell from the USS Canberra was presented to the Australian War  Apparently the US Navy is either building or had already built another USS Canberra which I am surprised by considering Australia already has HMAS Canberra

  9. Hendra Gunawan says:

    This is what happen when 2 navy didnt know each other, everything change after all japanese code translated

  10. mister voodoo says:

    I'm not even a big WWII surface ship buff yet, these videos are entertaining. Informative as well. Good job.

  11. SirQL8 says:

    Great presentation. Can you do one on Savo II, where the Washington blasted Kirishima to the bottom ?

  12. KAN WANG says:

    I want to thank u for doing this video, I am interested in WW II especially pacific war, I know sawo battle but the irritation of the book is very confusing and unvivid, so thx for the video explanation that enables me to get a full grasp of what happend in that battle.

  13. BAGTAS says:

    No wonder Americans dropped the Atomic Bomb. They losing badly lol.

  14. Cyril Euscobar says:

    Bravo zulu to this presentation!

  15. Rodrigo Meneses says:

    Very good explanation

  16. CMW marshall says:

    Excellent Work !!!
    Thank You

  17. Craig Jukes says:

    I'll admit, I cringed when you miss-said Caberra…it's pronounced Can Ber Ra =) Other than that, awesome videogram.

  18. Cj 327 says:

    My grandfather was on the USS Astoria from 1938 till the day it sank, then he got moved to the USS Texas.

  19. Bobo Lobo says:

    America and Defeat? must be fake news.

  20. Roger Surf says:

    Great analysis. Best and clearest account of the Pacific in WW2 I have encountered. Keep up the good work!

  21. Bradly197 says:

    Yet more Montemayor breaking a complex battle down into something my simple mind can understand.

  22. joaqo fort says:

    True nija

  23. albert camerato says:

    USN went back to school at Guadalcanal, schooled by the Japanese in night operations, long lance torpedoes, and had the disdain for the lessor races kicked out of them. The tuition was drowned and broken seaman, promising prewar careers of senior ranks sent ashore, and countless ships lost. The survivors and next of kin
    Of this battle had a difficult time. They were of the defeated, there was no redeeming last minute recovery from this,no nick of time slvation. We were beaten and the reward was tears and bitter lessons

  24. Flavius Nita says:

    Other alternative? You stupid… stupid!

  25. William Sands says:

    good job

  26. whatsgoingon07 says:

    The ONLY reason Japan lost the war was the fact that they were too small a country to take on a war Machine like the USA, if they had the manufacturing capacity, manpower and resources they would’ve won the war

  27. Aboelenein says:

    why didn't he attack the transport ships while he was still inside!

  28. D Lee says:

    Excellent video! I’d read about this surface naval battle and survivors said it was terrifying. There’s no foxhole on the open ocean so nowhere to hide.

  29. De Derpy Derp says:

    Pearl harbor?

  30. Jeff Ausbun says:

    I enjoy the play by play timeline. thanks for doing this. Keep it up. Now I'm going to watch the rest of them.

  31. adam rule says:

    correction mate..there never was a USS Australia…my pop was on H.M.A.S..Australia..during this battle…it was NOT a yank ship…

  32. Misha Medvedev says:

    Thanks for doing this video, I have never hear of this battle before (perhaps because America has an ego on WW2)

  33. ems postal says:

    The Allies have to go nuclear to defeat a small island nation with no resources to support a prolonged war with enemies in the USSR, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. That's how balanced that war is.

  34. Georgios Koroneos says:

    It's true that the Japanese navy was still superior in tactics & that savo island operation was clear a Japanese victory how ever the u s navy was saved/ survived/ learning from it's mistakes & compesated with new & much better ships & with radar control guns at the end of the conflict manage to gain the upper hand & reduced the Japanese navy to scrubs with it hevy losses .

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