Ayodhya 5-judge bench appointed, Muslims question composition | India Upfront With Rahul Shivshankar

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36 Responses

  1. Meena Dheer says:

    No muslim judges, just accept the decision of SC & move on.

  2. kailash sharma says:

    This is our country SC not a halala court kindly pls respect to our country law

  3. Anilkumar Jani says:

    They will also not accept a Muslim woman SC judge as the Muslim Personal Law Board considers Muslim women as illiterate idiots. Bakre Madrasa logic.

  4. Anilkumar Jani says:

    Tomorrow these katti-bullies will say that they will not accept a PM because he is a Hindu and does not represent the Muslim community as he would not understand Muslim problems. What a stupid, absurd, nonsense argument ???

  5. Ashok kumar Malviya says:

    Whole world peace is under threat due to impact of Islamic barbarity.The USA, UK, France, Australia, China, Israel and India etc. are more affected countries.

  6. Anilkumar Jani says:

    This is a Land Dispute and not a Religious (Masjid) Dispute. Muslims are joining the two to make a Khichadi. They are themselves confused. CJI will not succumb to this nonsense.

  7. mallikarjuna reddy says:

    You see, they never change / stop. They just following their holy book…. Hindus, see through this. You see the motive now? Be careful guys…

  8. Ashok kumar Malviya says:

    The association of crooked mindset peoples of India you are hereby warn that don't challenge the integrity of institutions like Supreme Court and Indian Army. You rascals are playing with fire. You rascals are safe in this country due to mercy of law. Keep space for mercy.

  9. Ashok kumar Malviya says:

    Arrest one debater for his malafide intentions .

  10. Ashok kumar Malviya says:

    view of one debater is with out any logic full of concocted, precarious designed debate indirectly challenging sovereignty of country , idiotic submission needs to be condemned.he is more keen for ST & ST. Not talking about the Islamic barbarity in his own community burden for nation.
    Journalist sir you are requested to give GPL for his conspired irrelevancy.

  11. Ashok kumar Malviya says:

    Prerogative and propriety of Chief Justice if India can not be challenged.
    If any one is challenging this means they don't believe the law of land and indirectly directing the CJI. This is deep rooted conspiracy against sovereign County and authority of Chief Justice of India..

  12. Ashok kumar Malviya says:

    Such distorted mindset needs to be crushed heavy handedly. Respected CJI is requested with folded hand to stop such introspection of crooked mindset society of India by passing strict stricture.

  13. Ashok kumar Malviya says:

    Tomorrow muslims will say separate CJI is needed for Muslims in india.? Again Muslims will say we need separate PM and army chief. . We request respected CJI of India Sir before it too late do something exemplary severe to stop such introspection derived from crooked mindset society of India.

  14. Rohit Gupta says:

    Why Muslims are been hated throughout the world? Reason can be seen in the discussion. These people follow a jihadi mindset. They don't believe in togetherness, constitution, court, women empowerment, social harmony and upliftment.

  15. Rohit Gupta says:

    These Bastard don't believe in Supreme court judges, then they should be put behind bar in contempt of court.
    These Bastard are real illiterate jihadi whose motive it to ruin India.

  16. Nikhil Sahay says:

    Cji himself son of Congress neta HV u understand it

  17. Be cautious says:

    Being a non – Muslim person, I truly believe that one of the judges be a muslim to give the credibility to the outcome of the hearing. I suspect that it can be a ploy to linger the case or cast aspersions on the judgement.
    If CJI is sincere to resolve the Ayodhya issue once and for all then he could have appointed the judges from different religious background to give validity the judgement.Otherwise our impressionable muslim brothers and sisters will be
    brainwashed to discredit the long awaited result and there will be no closure.
    All the exercise will be invain…

  18. Souvik Sarkar says:

    Time to ban personal law board also

  19. Amit .singh says:

    This shows the tolerance of this community.

  20. chetan s says:

    this kind of fk butd tron out of country

  21. Suhrud Patel says:

    THIS DEMAND IS STEP TOWARDS ISLAMIZATION OF INDIA……..SICKULARS AND LIBERALS….ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CONDITION…..WHO CORRECTED HINDU CODE BILL TO RESTRICT THE HINDU RIGHTS AND RESTRICT HINDU POPULATION? …WHY THE SAME WAS NOT DONE FOR KATUAS? … WHO ANNEXED MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW? …THEY WERE LEFT FREE TO MARRY 5 BIBDIS AND PRODUCE 50 CHILDREN, MULTIPLY LIKE FLIES AND WAGE JIHAD…..THIS IS A RESULT OF THIS POLICY…In 1947 population of india was @ 30 crores … out of which 28 crores were non muslims and 1.75crores were muslims ….today after 70 years there are 35 crore muslims and 100 crore nun muslims … muslims have grown 20 times all have prospered in India ….HAD SPECIAL LAWS , FAVORS AND FACILITIES IN NAME OF MINORITIES AT THE COST OF HINDUS …..where as in Pakistan hindus were @ 25% in 1947 who have almost been decimated to 1% in 2016, In Bagladesh hindus were 32% who have reduced to @7%… THIS IS A RESULT OF GENROSITY HINDUS HAVE SHOWN TO MULLAS….WAKE UP HINDUS

  22. Suhrud Patel says:


  23. suraj gupta says:

    Ye lodiya bosserpappu nhi kar
    Bc jab tumko hindu judge pe bharosa nhi to humko tum minority pe kaise hoga

  24. Gopalakrishnan Kanakkunarayanan says:

    Agree with Paracha. Each community/religion should have representation in SC. Again each caste should have representation. Each sub-caste should have representation. Each surname should have representation and finally, each family should have representation. Then only the justice seen to be delivered. So reserve SC justices from each family.

  25. Jdjcickr Hxjf says:

    The hindu judes are bised.what meghalaya jude comments reflect the mindset.u lol.

  26. Hamsa Kp says:

    These muslim paid by this idiote channel and they are not represents indian muslim. 99.9 %muslims trust sc and indian constitution

  27. Narad Muni says:

    98 percent Muslim voted for Jinnah and Pakistan in 1946 elections. After partition only 1 percent went to Pakistan. Never trust a Muslim.

  28. Vigilant Mind says:

    Root cause of problem is left over muslims in Bharat

  29. Dipan Rajkumar says:

    Gaddar muslims

  30. pushparaj kulai says:

    Non sense

  31. pushparaj kulai says:

    Times now is dividing hindu muslim and spreading communal violence by this prgme I think bse there is no law said that hindu judge must stand against muslim.

  32. pushparaj kulai says:

    Times now Is spreading communal tense over judiciary issue. We will take this to be noted.

  33. Maa Shakti says:

    Why we had muslim President and Christian maino Sonia at influence position…
    Didn't Hindus vote for non-hindus ?
    This the difference between Hindus and muslim …. Just be Indian first….

  34. NIKHIL AGARWAL says:

    Media should stop calling muslim into news broadcast. The more they hate the more they start acting.

  35. nishikanta mohanty says:

    Why this is news. No one cares what they think.

  36. PARTHA SARATHI says:

    Look now these jihadis don't trust Hindu judges, now how can Hindus trust Muslim judges, lol

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