Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade Gameplay Preview | Ubisoft [NA]

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  1. Khamis1203 says:

    Assassins creed odyssey is so much fun. I loved God of War but I actually have loved AC so much more than I ever have.

  2. Mylifeis funny says:

    2:21 Grandma? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. Mahdi Ziyaei Poor says:

    #shame_on_ubisoft Assassins Creed _Legacy of the first blade is a great example of distorting history,by showing The Achamenids of Persia as barbaric and savage people,while in history(real history) Cyrus the great who was the founder of The Achamenids dynasty in Persia(Iran),was actually the founder of the first declaration of human rights.Even some of the most famous presidents of The United States of America(such as Thomas Jefferson) were follower of Cyrus the great and they were inspired by king of Persia, not to mention that the Assassins brotherhood(the real brotherhood) was founded by another Persian man named Hassan_I_Sabbah.Now This is our question for Ubisoft,why do you show Persians so different from the real history?why are you broadcasting so much hate for the Persians?wasn't that stupid film "the 300" enough???we demand answer!!!

  4. KAYHAAN says:

    We want more stuff about Great Persia.

  5. Slightly Cringy says:

    100th dislike (don't hate me -^-)

  6. Munroe NZ says:

    when you finally get to clap your gf cheeks haha 2:22

  7. Andrés Guijosa says:

    What about new maps?

  8. Joel Krueger says:

    I have the 1st episode to play this installed but it's not saying add on when under the Quest menu. What needs to be done so I can start this quest? Thanks

  9. R10AJ24 says:

    Bear squads?

  10. R10AJ24 says:

    That death kill thing just why. Just why

  11. ScarePond11 Doge says:

    So this is a DLC right?

  12. Aceflyer17 says:

    I know it doesn't really fit the timeline bit I totally thought the Dlc would've been Alexander's invasion of Greece and meeting Iltani instead, wed get the eden weapons Alexander wielded and maybe even get to see some of the more interesting battles

  13. Evan James says:

    Please bring back BAYEK !!!!!

  14. Kirk Pinkney says:

    oh thats how your supposed to pronounced Macedonia?

  15. Marty McFly says:

    I thought Bayek was the first Assassins or Assassins ? But Origins plays after ACO ?

  16. Left Right says:

    Will it be available on the base game?

  17. garon holfinder says:

    assassinating mercenaries and hunting bear squad, "fun stuff"

  18. NigdickRick says:

    I have the dlc downloaded and installed and it doesnt show up in my game on ps4

  19. chidy boy says:

    2:21 LMBAO

  20. Aaron Lara says:

    old people can swear wow nice one ubisoft you knew that F word takes us back in the roman Empire

  21. Been Ballin says:

    Assassin's Creed's fanbase is filled with crybabies

  22. Divine Intervention says:

    Will there be the Prince of Persia in this DLC?

  23. Nilab L Narayan says:

    This has to be free DLC!!!!

  24. Lawin Colt says:

    I came here for Darius and Darius ONLY

  25. Pradyumn Pathak says:

    figures, Hassassins were a Persian Islamic Institution. That's why I couldn't figure out how they started getting Whiter every time.

  26. The Warlock says:

    The fight with him was easy!

  27. CrzBonKerz21 says:

    Whose idea in marketing was it to spoil the DLC story? Hahahah

  28. TryHardNoob says:

    I'm already level 70 and upgrade all my legendary weapons, armours and bows, max all my ability, now the I can kill every enemy in this game with a few hit, even the boss, can't feel the epic fight anymore.

  29. Boone Bluemel says:

    So Darius' child is your reverse gender to force some heterosexual romantic tension? Great

  30. Orangest Shark says:

    In ac orgins aya says “the blade that killed the tyrant xerxes” that’s some detail

  31. Jorge Junior Reis says:

    Bayek is more tall than Darius and Kassandra

  32. Pew DiePie says:

    Massive spoiler, the one who wrote this article is incompetent. Your suppose give subtle details but straight give away what is happening because you cant write an article. Still looking forward to it. Gonna stayout for youtube for a while, might get spoiled.

  33. FilipH86 says:

    The achivements for this DLC won't unlock on Steam / computer, Eventhough I've completed several.

  34. Rico ananda mikola putra says:

    Give me king hasan and the hassasin !!

  35. The_ Assassin4 says:

    I don’t like how this hidden blade comes out the exterior part of the arm. I like the hidden blade that the other assassins have that comes out the posterior part of the arm

  36. Deranged Crouton says:

    Why isnt there an extra part of the map

  37. Jana Vavrova says:

    Fok YES

  38. EireNero says:


  39. Dinky Dinky Dee says:

    Magic, magic, more magic, more glowing swords, children's color special effects, cheers (no)

  40. Barries says:

    its installed for episode 1 i cant play it tho how do i play it

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