Armies and Tactics: Roman Legion Against Carthage and Hannibal

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  1. Kings and Generals says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, Romans are scary, and you need our hoodies, too:
    Jokes aside, the merch sales help us, but don't buy our merch, if you can't spare the money, and don't ask your parents to do that, if you are too young – both are uncool.

  2. Djack says:

    At battle of Zama, General Scipio literally copying Hannibal tactics. Using Roman Triarii and Hastati infantry to hold Cartaghinian infantry (hoplites/pikemen, swordsmen), kill Carthaginian War Elephants using archers and velites (Javelinmen) then outflanking them with Roman Cavalry (Equites) in rear and back.

  3. Darth Ruin says:

    As much as I love the Romans I feel bad for Hannibal he got screwed by his own people

  4. Galvarino says:

    No one was better then hannibal

  5. Mo Poosy says:

    "…was undoubtedly their war elephants…" (the first Age of Empires elephant sound) could not resist mentioning it.

  6. GhostBusters815 says:

    Can anyone answer me how much roman soldier was paid usually and then how much was a paid soldier making

  7. James Kovach says:

    I respect this

  8. Tobago says:

    Great explanation of each armies make up, however, you didn't really address the specific ways the Roman overcame the challenge of beating these diverse carthaginian armies.

  9. what2143 says:

    Carthage's tactics didn't lose them the war. The only reason Hannibal wasn't able to conquer Rome and Italy was because of logistics. Rome's logistics were far superior to Carthage's logistics.

  10. Veselin Trandafilovic says:

    Vandals avenged Carthagina…

  11. Ray Zaki V. Naringahon says:

    Hannibal vs. Rome – Rome Wins

    If it was Carthage vs. Rome – Well. I'll leave it up to you…

  12. xGoodOldSmurfehx says:

    the Romans marched on Carthage and burned the capital to the ground then poured salt over the land so nothing ever grew out of the ground again, cant get enough of that story

    i despise carthagians so much, id rather see people fight lions in an arena than seeing babies being murdered in public as sacrifices

  13. Maverik Miller says:

    I always find myself supporting Carthage against Rome. Thanks for this video.
    But I wonder, how did Carthage lost to Rome with such a great army ?

  14. Jesse Jojo Johnson says:

    The diverse Carthaginian army eventually fell to the homogeneous Romans.

  15. Patrick Weisback says:

    Read polyibius’ account

  16. Wolfman says:

    Awesome 🙂

  17. Fundodo nemagon blues says:

    Please, do one about Hannibal´s crossing of the Alps, as it is a great a feat as any battle. He is said to have used vinegar and fire to "dynamite" big rocks and find a way for his elephants in the mountains…

  18. The eagle says:

    In my opinion best generals:
    1. Alexander the great : exceptional commander , great general, great leader

    2. Zhuge Liang: exceptional commander, superior general, good leader

    3. Sun Tzu : great commander, superior general, good leader
    3. khalid al walid: great commander, superior general, good leader
    3. Sima Yi: great commander, superior general, good leader

    4. Hannibal: great commander , good general , good leader
    4. Salah Al-din : superior commander , superior general , superior leader

    5. Gaius Marius: superior commander , superior general, good leader
    5. Scipio Africanus: superior commander, superior general, good leader
    5. Lucius Sulla: superior commander , superior general, good leader
    5. Caesar: superior commander, superior general, good leader
    5. Genghis Khan: superior commander , superior general, good leader
    5. Napoléon: superior commander superior general, good leader

    6. Erwin Rommel : superior commander, superior general, poor leader

    7. Mithridatic: good commander , good general, poor leader
    7. Hitller : good commander, good general, poor leader

    8. Benito Mussolini: poor commander, good general, poor leader

    key : 1-exceptional 2-great 3-superior 4-good 5-poor
    {#Commander– command in battle # general- strategy, tactics , logistics, leading armies, relationship with politics.. #, leader- political, military, managements, trade , production, philosophy….}.

  19. Lukas Simonsen says:

    Hannibals elefants, actually died when he tried to cross the alps. just saying

  20. HiddenHistory says:

    Just a little side comment:
    The African forest elephant is not extinct. It still resides in the Congo rainforest, but used to live far more north. I suppose they are extinct from regions like Sudan, where they used to live, but as a species, they live on.

    Great video nonetheless!

  21. Baalhamon says:

    You shall never be forgotten Hannibal my son. (am still salty about Carthaginian defeat after more than 2000 years)

  22. Dustin Cordell says:

    Hannbal such a great general won every battle he fought forgot to bring siege equipment doh!!!!

  23. Karan Trivedi says:

    This makes me want to play DEI again…

  24. SerpenTyx says:

    In loose video game terms carthage had a super specialized army with the right units for every job, but required great skill to use right and had a morale penalty, because most of them were mercenaries fighting only for coin.

  25. Biegeltoren says:

    The names of the carthaginian troops are given in latin. I presume we don't have the carthaginian names anymore?

  26. Brad Hinburg says:

    I really hope in the Legion vs phalanx video all aspects are considered, including Pyrrhus, we almost only ever hear about cynoscephalae.

  27. Bangzy says:

    The production quality that you guys make is unbelievably outstanding!

    In the future will you guys cover the topic of world wars?

  28. Skoll Ibn Fenrir says:

    That V from Velites is pronounced like a real V not like an U

  29. SkiperPlays says:

    its just an idea….i think it would be amazing if you do a video about the israeli-philstine wars (1100 bc -720 bc)

  30. Der Soldatenkönig says:

    Would anyone know how large the Carthaginian army would be?

  31. Baykal Baykal says:

    Can you make the Ottomans' 1 year invasion of Island?

  32. Admiral Good Boy says:

    Kings and Generals is the moustache on the helmet for Mo'vember?

  33. Reading Classics says:

    Ahhh! Hannibal. Great video. Thank you for this!

  34. HIdalgo yakerson says:

    I just watched on Netflix the Outlaw king, covering the Battle of Loudoun Hill, will you cover it sometime? seems similar to Agincourt but without the superior Long bowman advantage.

  35. Águila701 says:

    Sick video.

  36. Fag Master says:

    African forest elephants arent extinct bro

  37. RaeSyngKane says:

    Always found it interesting how often war elephants were used with little success. The elephant always seem like it would be more worthwhile as an ancient bulldozer for construction on the civilian front rather than on the military front.

  38. José Neto says:

    Mixed armies are much better than regular armies, with a good general in charge.


    Another great video! I'm always reminded of the conversation that Scipio shared with Hannibal when discussing the greatest military commanders of their time. Hannibal Placing himself only behind Alexander the Great and Pyhrrus of Epirus, then Scipio asking where Hannibal would have placed himself on that list had he won their final battle? Hannibal in response : I would have been the greatest. Such respect between two great commanders of armies.

  40. SMFARQADAIN 72 says:

    Brothers you are doing a great job by making documentaries of old wars . I request you to.make any documentary on recent wars such as going on in Yemen

  41. Polypède de Thèbes says:

    Hi guys! You are keeping doing an amazing work 😉 Can I ask you what softwares you use to make your 2D animations, for example during battles? Indeed I'm thinking about an animated history channel for the French speaking audience, but so far I'm a noob in video making. Thanks in advance guys.

  42. Argon says:

    Hello is there an estimate when will we get the battle of vienna would be really cool thanks

  43. Nektar Most says:

    When will you finally do the pyrrhic wars ?

  44. Joseph Moore says:

    I'm confused on how Hannibal not laying Siege to Rome was his fault? He didn't have the resources or manpower to effectively do that and his government didn't want to aid him. Africanus took advantage of this and attacked Carthage and later Hannibal. Honestly think if Hannibal had the resources he could have beaten Africanus and ended Rome.

  45. Nation wide says:

    lol im playing total war rome 2 while watching this

  46. Nation wide says:

    thx for the vid and keep up the great work!

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