Ancient Greek Diphthongs and Breathing Marks

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10 Responses

  1. Darryan says:

    memorize or die

  2. Min Gurung says:

    Thank you so much Ken, you are a wonderful teacher! I was struggling learning Greek through a book and other videos in youtube but you are the best!!!! I am so much happy to learn from you. After Greek, I am going to follow Hebrew classes as well through your videos.

  3. Harold Thompson says:

    Moreover in basic training I was told us that it would be better if we did not already know how to shoot a weapon. Why? The way to shoot a civilian weapon is not the same as shooting in the military. Many people who had years of experience had to unlearn how to shoot in some cases. I think it is the same with modern and biblical greek. So it would be better to learn biblical first and than learn modern.

  4. Harold Thompson says:

    People learn ancient greek to translate  the New Testament.  In any regard a language will always sound different from thousands of years a ago. Even if you take english about like 500 years ago you probably would not recognize it. So those who speak modern greek should not be so rude with the comments.

  5. Adam McCormick says:

    excellent videos ken learning more here than at bible college….please more more more

  6. tiktaktik tamtamtam says:

    ancient greek-the english way,learn some greek first before you speak ancient greek,you are so rude,keep your appetite alive,enlgish cowboys

  7. mmdaniels78 says:

    Thank you

  8. Jake Monahan says:

    Thanks Ken. Very helpful.

  9. indignumgratia says:

    You have taught me more than my Ancient Greek teacher un university…. seriously….
    Thank you for these awesome videos!

  10. boouee says:

    Damien Thorn

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