Ancient Egypt: After Death (Gods and Mummification)- claymation

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6 Responses

  1. Simon De Asian says:

    I subes. Because I loved this

  2. Thomas H says:

    this is very clever

  3. Nessa Harrison says:

    @bouncyballblue Noooo i meant to waverlymarlenemar cause she's in the 7-6 division i think or 7-5 or something but yeah mrs.luoma showed this to us in class a while back it was great 🙂

  4. bouncyballblue says:

    @van3ssaharris0n I'm afraid I don't know anyone by that name 🙁
    made this for a Ms. McCutchen

  5. Nessa Harrison says:

    @WaverlyMayleneMar mrs. luomas?

  6. WaverlyMayleneMar says:

    We watched this in class today! Everyone loved it. xD

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