5 New Confirmed Features in Imperator: Rome – Dev Diary 23-27

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  1. RepublicOfPlay says:

    You can catch the previous Diaries here:
    Diaries 1-7 – https://youtu.be/cloVcT-s0bc

    Diaries 8-11 – https://youtu.be/G9yX8LYDJns

    Diaries 12-17 – https://youtu.be/uw2JrIkDzyw

    Diaries 18-22 – https://youtu.be/LFuvU35iu14

  2. somacoda says:

    Holy fuck how did I not know about this

  3. 박세찬 says:

    Why don't CA and Paradox work together? If they do, no RTS games would have match on their games..

  4. Leo mapper and prodution says:

    hail paradox interactive

  5. dean gianotti says:

    I'm intrigued

  6. pisciarihead says:

    Is RepublicOfPlay Brodual?

  7. Arab Guy says:

    Does this game have battle scenes like midevial total war? Where you can control each unit and use strategy?

  8. Aleksa Momcilovic says:

    I may sound dumb but is this a game or a mod for some game

  9. Zbigniew Dzik says:

    I want to play this game so bad,

  10. Smokin Free says:

    Hi Darren, I presume this game is a turned based grand strategy with no RTS battles like a TW game?

  11. Cato Sicarius says:

    I hope i can build a german empire that stretches to the Urals to rival the roman empire but realistically considering paradox ill need 400$ worth of DLC to do that

  12. Ev says:

    How are battles in this game? 🙂 Very interesting game, gotta try it out at launch!

  13. Bean says:

    Imperator Rome —————> crusader kings ——> Eu4 ———> victoria 2 ———- HOI4 ——— Stellaris

  14. Nada A says:

    Basically it's a reskin of Europa Universalis four and you need to buy all the cut cont- DLC again.
    Stop being Fanboys like Bethesda's and just tell paradox to fuck off with their DLC and map painters.

  15. PseudoproAK says:

    Too many different and (probably) small boni, so it might end up like civ 6 in which many things feel nice to have but nothing seems to realllly matter…. Hmm

  16. Spearka says:

    we better get an I:R to CK2 converter on release

  17. Jur2225 says:

    Hmm I don't like the way the phalanx is implemented in the game, it seems too micro – a phalanx only deploys to battle in that formation, not on the march.

  18. leon ali says:

    the game looks so good, and as an ancient history buff all this literally has me chomping at the bit. Unfortunately as per Paradox's standard practices, this is just another game I cannot afford. I bought base eu4/hoi4/ck2, but had to torrent the games as 98% of the time i play singleplayer, and the number of DLC is too high. It isnt even just cosmetics at a lower cost, but major game defining features (especially with eu4) are locked behind DLC. Before im lambasted for piracy, you have to consider, even with sales to purchase eu4 and some of the more significant DLC you are spending minimum £50-£60. Just about fair despite the fact its not a recent AAA release… but to essentially access the majority of the support for the game you bought, you are doubling that figure. Come on Paradox, this sort of business model may be successful for you currently, but it really is a shame that some people have to consider these kind of alternatives just to play their games in the entirety. Regardless id be at least buying the base game as per my standard to at least marginally support their release, but as soon as the 2nd, 3rd,4th, 10th DLC inevitably gets released, there is only one sensible economic option.

  19. StefanHenningIAA says:

    Please please please do another map narrative of your head-to-head with Jackiefish 🙂

  20. Killer Tyrant says:

    I like your voice man, good detailed vid. i would watch a specialised video on a region like a vid focused on Gual for example.

  21. Dustin Cordell says:

    !!!THIS IS SPARTA !!!!!

  22. Paguo says:

    I fucking swear, this will be out before Mount & Blade Bannerlord

  23. P. Sinnet says:

    Are you going to do another video on your DEI campaign, really enjoyed the first two 🙂

  24. fijten vlasman says:

    This is the first time I'm watching one of your video's. One word: WOW the editing looks amazing!!

  25. Demetri M says:

    You're doing an amazing job with these videos, got my subscription

  26. Charles R says:

    "Em-Pore-ator" Fuck.

  27. Rock Bottom says:

    Good shit, nicely constructed vid.

  28. jumjum151 says:

    Which EU4 DLC is this

  29. Draganasa says:

    Can someone please play as Boi

  30. EmoPro93 says:

    Pops, province wealth concept feels very much like EU4 Meiou & Taxes mod… I cant wait to try this game and have a mod like M&T work on it 😀

  31. László Pénzes says:

    Guys i am the only who thinking that paradox just entered the queu of developers who just copy paste their games over and over again and asking irrationally high prices? Like this game is nearly identical for crusader king, europe univesalis etc. just a little bit difference but nothing big changes. Still no battle.

  32. You take a sip of your trusty vault 13 canteen. says:

    Can a tribal gouvernement expand into a kingdom or republic?

  33. You take a sip of your trusty vault 13 canteen. says:

    Albania in Azerbaijan?

  34. Phillip V says:

    it looks good but whats the beef with you and prince of macedon

  35. Zackery Davis says:

    I'd watch a video about each starting position

  36. Hendricusnes De Ruijter says:

    bro, i would kill for more video's where you go indepth, do north africa!

  37. Perhaps ? says:

    Any speculations on release date?

  38. xXYourhunterXx says:

    "out of 4000 4164 were killed" wat

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