4th Test (Sydney) IND vs AUS: Hardik Pandya right about Virat Kohli after the Test win in Australia?

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28 Responses

  1. Megha Ghogare says:

    Thats why $achin is $achin…. No any controversies till now….!

  2. Amit Singh says:

    Shastri will lose matches in 2019 WC and remind us about 2018 Australia series. He will keep reminding us about this till he dies.

  3. cricket fan cf says:

    Vk is best nd most passinate cricketer i have seen in past grt legends from ind went to aus but dint show the energy throughout but this team showed grt fitness levels throughout serieses even in eng nd sa they have competed thanks to the rule of fitness certain media criticized yo yo test but see the results now no media criticizing grt vk

  4. Avinash Rampal says:

    Kapil dev led World Cup winning team was the best soo far. This team is also good.

  5. shariz Syed says:

    Virat is the real hero of team india and great captain

  6. Santhosh S T says:

    Another cheap trick… Media like outlook is cancer for any nation.

  7. Raja Durai says:

    The great Tendulkar should not be compared with virat

  8. Hariom Narware says:

    Abe haters aj to atleast team india ko support karte

  9. Ehsan Ansari says:


  10. Waheeda Begum says:

    Sachin se behatar virat hi hain

  11. virat choudhary says:


  12. Nilkanth Pujari says:

    Good job Team Indaiya

  13. smita patil says:

    How much do u know about this guy Jasprit Bumrah


  14. Biswanath Ghosh says:

    Do n't compare Tendulkar with Kohli.
    Do all you remember, the greatest bowlers was around the world at Tendulker's period.
    Did Kohli faced any bowlers like that ?
    In fact world wide ( except India) all countries facing lack of bowlers. And this is an opportunity to make runs.
    However Kohli is good batsman but not faced tough bowlers much.
    Now India will master over cricket in all format as they have good or best bowling side.

  15. Prasad Reddy says:

    Team is best when the opposition is best but not in this case. Defeating a team not having atleast Bangladesh kind of batting is not that difficult.
    When Australia defeated India in all the formats during pointings captaincy even India was like current Australian team.
    Current Australian team is not even 50% of the team over the decades.

  16. vijay tripathi says:

    No you are wrong sachin is the real god of cricket his records are just authentic.

  17. Sutapa Roy Sutapa Roy. says:

    No doubt that this is the best Indian cricket team ND best captain my dear kohli

  18. rahul tiwari says:

    what b.s shastri tune ganjaa lena bhi shuru kar diya kya

  19. Shubham Singh says:

    Openers should be perfect

  20. Hemanth Saripalli says:

    Their is any doubt about it.Best team in the world is Virat army.

  21. Sai Ganesh says:


  22. skepticallyskeptic1 says:

    Nice clickbait you got there

  23. Khushi & Ishu says:

    virat's team is the best .. luv virat …

  24. naveenkumar navee says:

    Yes ofcourse as of now virat & team is the best compared to other team's

  25. DEEP says:

    THE BEST!!!

  26. Mrunmayee Behera says:

    Sachin was is and will be God. Virat is going to be one

  27. Mrunmayee Behera says:

    Sachin is god

  28. chahem says:

    best team with room for improvemnt

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